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But I won't be mean. Hehehe~

Some Cyworld Updates from Teukie oppa and Donghae Oppa as well as SJ-M's Ifensi messages, you can read it at my link: Super Duper Love. Mainly of Christmas wishes from SJ-M members, the most interesting is Teukie's CW update. He expressed his loss on having un-busy winter unlike the last two years, so he was determined to get busy for 2009. ^^

DBSK wishes everyone season's greetings too and you can read it at Gorgeous18 in my links.

Happen to love SHINee? Come and join us at SHINee International forum. Spazz about the young boys talent and lots of things to do. Share the same feelings towards them with the whole world. You can do so as you click on So Hot section ^^

Are you Malaysian? You love DBSK just too bad? You love Super Junior just too much? Your love for BoA is unbeatable? You can't stop loving So Nyuh Shi Dae? The Grace is your favorite? Zhang Li Yin is…


Quick updates about me:- I passed my driving test, I went to the PC Fair but got not what I want, I'm making appointment for a hair treatment and I'm going to start a crash exercise routine.

Enuff about me.

TO ALL ELFs!!! Make sure to VOTE our HANGENG OPPA in MTV Korea.

He is going to be set in challenge of Best Foreigner Artist in Korea. The rival is Nick Khun of 2PM and he is leading verrrrryyyyy close.

Wacca waitin' for??? GO VOTE!!!! Show the world what ELFs could do!!!

You can vote every 10 mins okay? :)

credit: MTV + helenjie + sapphirepearls + gorgeous18

Alright, here is the update. Looks like Hangeng oppa is leading majority with average 73% of votes, but it's really hard to rise to 74%. Keep on voting ELFs. Until the poll is closed officially!! :P

Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji's WGM is subbed by gomdorii at YT people!!!! Come an…

Happy~ Happy~ Celebrates with HEECHUL!! XD

Annyeong~ I just checked up my final's result, and it was great!! For the busy and lazy semester, this one is a good one~ though, gosh, it dropped a lot!!

Oh, well. But I'm so happy to have it all clear thou? I'll drop a lesson for yuh. Never do last minute study. Should constantly study, balances with activities and socializing. Uh, yeah. So people, here are some picspams of Heechul in Good Daddy. He looked so adorable with HongKi!!! Not to forget baby Mason's cuteness~~~ XD

Heechul oppa is doing his hair, his pants looked familiar~~

The cute baby Mason!!!!

Pink Heenim~

HongKi is trying to take pic

Awww..............I can't help but to goes...awwwwwwww......

Piccies credits:

Lots of spirits right now~
Majestic Heaven

I'm taking the chill pill

Ok, thats a lie.
I gone totally crazy when I look into my favorite forum (MY-SMTown) and found out a pic of how Super Junior's 3rd album would look like!!!

............and when I zoomed in, the pic is totally FAKE!!!! Oh, getting me hyper for no reason!!! Arrgghhh!!! I am so mad right now, I can eat double cheese burgers!! (I hate cheese).
So much for getting my day happy....and it turns out to be fake.....I'm in could they did something like this....maybe they are happy to see fangirls like me crying over false hope.
People who loves to tease us (fan girls), please do think of us as humans. With overwhelming passion that is....
SuJu oppas.....I am okay if you keep us waiting for the album, as long as it will turn out to be a great job. I can wait, for the sake of quality, I won't let you rush. Before you guys said it, I won't believe any other news anymore. I love you all.... *sobs*
Dang. It feels like buying fake Prada with the real's price!!!!

SHINee overdose and why

I think I got myself drowned in SHINee World nowadays?

Yeah, since their debut, I vowed to be their fans as I believe they're going to be much bigger in the K-Pop industry. Those talents and charms are just going to win off all the way.

Got myself gone insane when I watch too much of SHINee's Yunhanam, and not to count those live performances. I think I got one wire damaged in the brain when I watch SHINee's cut in Band of Brothers? Uh..I think so.

And recently got myself liking Jaejin FTI. I used to like HongKi, and still is. Hahaha~ these kids, underaged, and I dunno why I kept lamenting about my age. I'm only 20 going on 21, but these kids makes me felt old!! LOL

Why? Most of my friends are not into the idea with those younger idols, since they're Not really a man, and it's regarded as babies. Can't protect, that is what they told me.

Heh, I'm different. I love them. I even DATED younger boy.

And I hurted him. Leaving him just like that.....O…

Gone Totally Wrong

My body clock is completely destroyed.
I wakes in the night, and sleeps in the morning. So much for a holiday mood.
I have to get this thing right before I starts my varsity back!!!
Oh, well. I'm enjoying FT Island's ole reality show when I'm vampiring myself in the night.
Listening to 'Doushite' and 'Miss You' just like thousand times.
And running my overdued requested fanfictions. I am so going to be dead......*shrieks*

I'm not happy when........

I'm certainly not happy when I'm out of attention.

And it's even worse when it comes to someone really important to me.

Come on, I know I acted bad. Well, that is just a girl's way to pull some attention.

But well, you don't get me do you?

You love it better when some other people that are anonymous are around you, kept talking about how good you are.

While me, the one who is there is always being myself. I gave you my opinions and critiques, but you know what? You just wanna have some sort of people who can gives you lots a lots of causes to brag.

You know what? You are kind of going away from me. You didn't understand me anymore. I am not the person who is your hope anymore. But those people who you regards as your future.

And when I'm just being firm of myself, you've got to think straight. It is YOU who I'm transforming to right now. Don't you just get it?


Song: Blood -Mika Nakashima-

Unhappy Daughter

Just feels like posting

I'm in my PJ, just ate some noodles, planning to brush my teeth, put some anti-aging and sleep.

But I can't sleep. And went to YT. I searched for SHINee since they just crossed my mind.

Ahhhh....I just love them. So young and fresh. I hoped they can maintain that, and continue to grow and shine their own way. SM is so lucky to get those kids to polish under their roof.

I love SHINee. I know they can withstand their name one day, just like their sunbaes did. Sometimes I think SHINee will inherit that H.O.T's and DBSK's craze. Not I'm saying Super Junior is not that hot, but Super Junior, got their own charm and love.

Which lured and even makes me one of their E.L.F. I love you SuJu oppa, you're my first Korean Love :3

SHINee ah, your spell makes noona couldn't sleep you know?? Aishhh....

I'M DANCING OUT!!! Woohooo~~~

Since I've been sooooo bored at home, my friend forks me into her idea of going out. Yeah, out. And I just can't wait to 'DANCING OUT IN THE AIR!!' Wahoo!! 'Life Couldn't Get Better!!!'
The point here is, to SHOP!! Shop for that SUPER SHOW T-SHIRT!!!! YAY!!!! And I'm planning to buy some Shinee stuffs for my sis too ^^. Maybe an AMIGO CD+T-shirt for her. Her friend is soooo going to be green in envy XD So, currently I'm diggin' cash for the trippy and were planning to set the budget, best period of time, activities and all. Thanks so much for the babes who help me out~
Chores for money~ that sounds so funny!! But this is what I'm doing currently though. LOL mood: Friggin' Jumpy!!
song: Dancing Out-Super Junior- That's all, WOOHHOO!! Majestic_Heaven of Priceless Voice p/s: Priceless Voice' Debut will come up here sooner. Please Anticipate!! ^^

SHINee!!! Noona disapprove!!!

Okay, I complain a lot recently. I should change my name to 'Majestic Complainer'. So, currently I went through YT and watch SHINee Subs' (ehem! advertising here~) vidz. I laid on Star King SHINee's cut, I go 'awwwww' when Kang Ho Dong hugs Taemin affectionately and even holds him on the air!!

Than, I realised it. Than I quickly browse my SHINee's gallery and dumbfounded. Let's check it out. This is their debut pic.

This is them on MKMF '08 red carpet.
And this is another one, randomly.Got something? Oh, well. It's their pants I was looking at. IT'S TOO TIGHT!!! think that they're so young... OH GOD!! IT'S REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!Poor SHINee, though I think they're getting used with it now...still, they need the sense of COMFORT there!! Oh, gosh, and dancing in those??? SHINee....noona is really concern about your health, but noona couldn't tell you directly T_TUhmm...and to cure that feelings, I just browse the local o…

Should I, or should I not?

I had won a watch, costed RM2000 from Kung-Fu hustle's SMS contest
I never wear it (it's a guy's watch), and I put it in dead-mode.
Now I wonder, since I never want to wear it (IT'S A GUY'S WATCH!!)
Should I sell it?
Than I consider the memories of getting it. But I got pictures taken with it.
Memories enough.
Should I or should I not?
What's with the money? Hehehehe~
Read my last post, see what I mean?
mood: Bored
song : Dirty Cash-Big Bang-

Self-proclaimed VIP Majestic Heaven

I need goals to live+ Wishlist

Alright, I'm stuck with this boring, lazy life. Well, what do you expect from holidays?
I mean, I got to do something with my life.
Everyday, sleeping at 7 in the morning, and wakes up at 1 in afternoon....eiii... I don't want to age fast!!!!
But people(including my family) said I'm a night-goer. Hahaha~ I think so too.....
Maybe I need something to do for the next day so I can wakes up early.
Oh, whatever. I want money. I need to find a job. Why? Becausseee......I am so going to grab so much hot stuffs in the next year!!
2009 Stuffies:- 1) Super Junior's 3rd Album 2) Super Show's Tix (! Yeahhh!) 3) A digi-cam (in lime-green) 4) More English novels, I need to read more.... 5) Anti-aging facial care (I know it sounds odd u_u;) 6) BAPE hooded-sweater That's all for now. mood: Stupid song : Headache -Wonder Girls-
Love Norfolk Pine


That's it.

I'm lost. Totally.

Who am I? Where would I go? What's next for future?

I don't know. I don't see it.

It's like everything is me. I want' it all. Greed. Greed.*tsk*

All that I do and wanna do right now, is something that would please my youthness.

I'm lost. I don't know who I am anymore.

Unwanted Habit

I got habits. I think most people had, ok. EVERY one have their own habits.

I got habits, which sometimes annoy people. But I love my habits, it makes me felt unique.

But I hate when I 'imported' others habit to become MY habit.

Especially when that particular person is not how they used to be anymore.

So, currently I'm trying to get that stupid habit out of me!!! *cringes*

It's hard, but I'll do it for sure!! HWAITING!!

mood: Annoyed

Rasa Sarang HEY!
Norfolk Pine

Talking About My Favorite Sungmin~

This is Lee SungMin of Super Junior that I had been admiring since I watched Exploration Of Human Body. And this exact capture of him smiling is the moment when he totally captured my heart. ^///^
He is being scanned, and it is proven that he is full. But than he was offered chocolate cake and he starts eating. I took note that he loves chocolate~ hehehe. I'm waiting to give him one~~ *walks in la-la land*
He is one of the members that played guitar so well, both acoustic and electric one. I had the hots for boys with guitar, so I was so pleased to know he had this knock-out talent!! He looked super hot while belting out the guitar with that boots... Gosh. He can turns out HOT from cute.
Yes, he is. One human being that can be innocently cute and sinfully sexy at times. You don't get the idea of what I'm talking about? Lets take a look on a few examples.
Here. Take a look on this one picture I dunno bout you, but I think it's ridiculously cute!! XD
And try looking at this …

I'm No Backpacker-like Gurl!!

About 3-4 hours before travelling, if you asked me to go, I'll say no.

This time, I'm not following. A little protest would help people realized what am I made of.

It's not that I'm this somewhat all-organized person (nope, wrong person :P), but I'm particular about going places. Especially when you had to present yourself to other people. I need that time to sorts what needs to bring along, I don't simply jam-packed, because I used to do that. No fun at all.

I am impulsive, and could do things on the spot. But when it comes to travelling, gosh. Please let me know earlier, I'm not going to let myself feels like being kidnapped!!

Sometimes, I don't really know myself at all....*sigh*

Mad & Home Alone

The Joy Of Giving.....

It's a day out with fellow cingu

And I'm really happy today~

Doing things, with the girls that can accept me the way I am

Though getting picked, I'm always happy spending hours with them

And the most precious thing is to see the rejoicement when you're giving


I always wished myself to be rich, and never forget birthdays

So I could continue giving and giving ^^

I'm happy when everybody around me are happy!!

Loaded with Haengbokness

Norfolk Pine


I was shopping around for the Members Only Bargain. Bought the pants that usually fits me. Since the mall is flooded with people, I had no intention to try it out at the fitting room. As that usual size fits me.

When I went back home, I tried it on.

It got stuck at the thights.


To think that I bought 4 pants.... (T_T)*sigh*

And now I'm taking seriously on the slimming plan I had been digging around while in college.

By the way, take a look on this funny, dorky, Yunho's and Yoochun's (called NoKy Brothers) for a CF ^^. Hilarious Alert!!!

Part I

Part II:

Lots of Sarang
Chubby Heaven

SMTOWN Thai Concert vs. Riots

What happen at the Thailand Airport had caused stirs among SM artistes' fans and to think that putting the risk over safety, gosh.... No comment, it's dangerous, yet, my heart goes out to those who bought the tix already~

But I wished that my FAV hwangjas and Thai fans are safe~

One after another cancellation (Paran and U-Kiss concert at Malaysia cancellation), just broke my heart and I almost lose the hope.

Still, I wish that ELF Malaysia can organize the Super Show by their won. It would involve passion as for one of the advantages ^^

To Thai ELFs, hang on there. Heard that they are still going for you even if they had to swim!! And hope that the crisis in Thailand would end a.s.a.p. The settlement might not sounds that easy, but I prayed that they can get the best solution out of it.

Lots of Love from Malaysian ELF Heaven


I was browsing the Super Show's pixies of the cute hwangjas

And I saw Heenim's t-shirt (though everyone practically wear it also)


*going crazy, bangings head to the wall*

Latest on my FAVORITESSS~~

Okay, when I kept myself busy in the real world, making stuffs, than only I realised that I forgot to share~
Let's start with Super Junior. The multiplied hwangjas (which of course I love every one of them XD) just finished with their Shanghai Super Show!! There are lots of fancams with every singles song are provided in YouTube, many thanks to Liz99bb's for the uploads. Here is the link to her channel, and you can pick what to watch it from there. Super Junior's photobook in Tokyo with DVD, and 2009 calendar is ready to be in your hand! You can get your preorder at
And they are planning for THIRD ALBUM EVEYRBODY!!!!!! 2009 is going to be SUPERJUNIOR'S YEAR!!!! *fangirlism shrieks* Though the date is still ambigous, it is clear they are now preparing for the new album :) Ryeowook cyworld's ha…

Doing make overss!!

Ten days straight, since the day I left college, I haven't post anything here. Haha! Guessed I'm being a happy person right at home~

My departure as the senior, was a dramatic one. All heads that popped out from the hostel, kamsahamnida so much, you girls made me felt loved. *tears*

Hmmm....the land that I left, had so many memories. I am very sure one day I'll come back as someone new, and made the college I attend so proud of me. One day....yeah.

Okay, so right when I stepped down to my homie, calls pouring in. Getting appointments and automatically, the first week of my holiday is filled with dates!! XD I didn't expect that, and it was fun, catching up news and such with all of them.

Everytime we had dates, it's always the MALL and SHOPPING!!!

Since I had left that room of mine so long, it certainly needs some make over. I'm not the same high-schooler who needs motivational posters to get As anymore. Hence, whenever I get to spree, I flew to seek for decoration…

I hate my dreams!!! ARRGGHH!!

Finally I've finished my papers. Ahhh!!! So happy *bounce*bounce*

.....and the nightmare is to pack all these stuff I had, cluttering everywhere. Huh!

So I went to Pasar Malam last night with my fellow level-mate. We're on the mission to buy some boxes, packing mission next.

And there, I was browsing with my girls, trying to find the food that was well-ordered from our friends. So we hit the pasar, looking for the subjected food.

I was busy searching (I felt like google searching engine at that time) when suddenly my roomate pulls me from my way to another stall. I was like; !@#$^&*()*%$#!???

She said she saw something unpleasant. So I checked my shoe, did I stepped on the cat's poo??? And suddenly all my girls gathered around me to check it too. It's kind of loud for 2 secs, and my roomate said, no! Not that she meant.

She points to the next stall I was trying to walk on, a glimpse of a familiar Adidas jacket. My hand flew to my mouth. GOSH!!

I don't even dream to me…

One By One, Step By Step

It's the crazy moment.

Felt like boiling those books and drink it all up.

In the hope that I'll digest all the words written.

Managed to pass those bitter days anyway. Sleepless nights, and instant noodles beside me...aish!! Hate myself as Varsity student!

Many thanks to P-shii for the accompany~ hehehe

Next paper is going to be tough, hope I can answer all like I did with the past papers!!!

Heaven, HWAITING!!!

Happy Birthday, Super Junior oppas!!

I loved you guys a bit late, but I am thankful to know the wonders you guys had made before this year's anniversary (thanks to PriVo!! Esp Miss Pleiades).
Had introduced me to love of asia even more. And had me searching more for something different than before. You guys are awesome!! FIGHTING!!
Looking forward for more of yuh all~~ I love you.
Lots of sarang~
Miss Norfolk Pine from M45 and The Norfolk Pine a.k.a NoPi of Priceless Voice.

Miwo (hate you) mode

Just get out from the exam hall with all my confidence. Than stepping out to see those carry mark.

Damn. I'm blue rite away.

I hate my carry marks. I even hate myself. Now I hate everything.

But I can't hate my craving to go on............ Neway, listen up to SHINee's AMIGO. Though I don't approve words like 'slave' and 'sexy' to be used for such young boys like them, well; I enjoyed myself when listening to them so much, so take a bite on it. MV: Live performance:

Song: Romantic (SHINee)

Over my obsessions and galzfwen

It's final exam. I'm in the most stressed period of my youth~~~

It got cured anyway, with some dose of fanfics and boybands. LOL. Nowadays, fallin' for G-Dragon of Big Bang. Since the song Number 1 got blasted, I think I just totally drawn to Big Bang!! My galfwen said TOP-shii had that, pure, rapper voice, dude, his English is the best anyway.

So it's been a while since I had been happy. Now I'm happy. Though the things are not settled yet, but I'm happy all those conflicts get lessen. I don't have to think of it as examinations are the main focus of everyone. I'm happy. As long as the boyband I love the most (note: Super Junior) is still standing and the fans are still growing~ ha~

Umm...and yep3. I had gone mad wif my dude, Pleiades Rhapsody to form a group. It'll be called M45 and Norfolk Pine. Our genre should be included country and hiphop. But it's still under construction. Hopefully, this subgroup of Priceless Voice (formed with Miss Virtua…

The accepting, and being accepted

It’s wrong isn’t it? When you don’t accept what others are like, but you want the others to accept you the way you are.

In my case, I was trying hard to understand. Why is one behaving like this, though I’m not verbal about it (it’s more to not ‘gossiping about it’). Let me do it in here, by the heart I was given.

This world is colorful. So, I had to understand, why one is behaving like this, his or her purpose of doing so. I can’t just immediately judge, because the key to one’s healing and peace, is to understand. Not by merely judged, just looking and oh yeah! That’s it!

Believe me. I’ve been judged. I also had been misunderstood. I don’t want to do such thing to anyone. Because it hurts, really. That is why, I tend to listen. Only then do I speak, and if it was to be accepted or not, it’s up to those who are listening.

And it hurts me so much (try to think of a peeled apple), when I tried hard to understand, and the other party is not even trying to understand. It hurts deeper (…

I'm Bad, really really bad


A broken relationship. After all the effort that I have been putting. It’s like stupid when you had to call it a quit. It’s a shame actually, especially when you had cry over it, and all.

I think my tears are bit cheap though. I cry for almost about anything. But I can’t help it. Especially when it comes to people that I care about and things I really love. Maybe this time, I learnt a thing or two.

Don’t put your trust just too easy. Don’t say things when you don’t believe in that person. Cry no more. Try not being too overboard. Because, I will get hurt after it than. What happen to me? I had pre-mature love story with someone I never expect would come to my life. I stops it before it even start. And this time, it happens to someone I called out as second family. A dear (not) brother of mine.

But it’s done. I had sought solutions. And he believed other people than he believes in me. There is no need for explanation because when I tried to do so, he just wouldn’t listen. I had …

A little break from exhaustment

Annyeong~ it’s been a while!! (Like I said, it’s really been a while~~~).

When I left this community, it’s been exhausting months for me, doing all the events that are organized by my club. We had concert (it was mini, but it’s fun ^^), members gathering, members registering and upcoming soon, we’re going to have some summer camp for the super-senior members and audition for the new members as we’re leaving the club. I can’t believe I’m grabbing my diploma the next year!!

Around my period of absentness, Super Junior had won the award as the Best Korean Artist at MAA!!! Yay!!! Thanks for voting you guys!! It’s really worth it to have the voting widget plastered all over my social network stuffs. Hehehe~ They came to Malaysia and my girlfriends (Priceless Voice, our team similar to SuJu ^^) had seen them alive!! The words that spills out from them are; they look like they came from another dimension, with shines and halos like no other. And it’s funny how the fans are acting like mad when…

At the end of Hols

Here it goes again~

Annyeong evrybody~

Ahh~ had myself drowned in the net for a while. Now I had to get myself back to the reality; the verge of college opening. I’ll start being busy again, carrying my laptop and black book everyday, completely ignoring my commitment to the internet (hahaha?).

It’s like, I’ve been ignoring my phone and messenger for a while. Instead, I head to youtube, (since Veoh had blocked Malaysia, DAMN!) and forums to communicate and do stuff. Only certain social event I attended and I even didn’t get out of this cave (my room, hahaha). That is holiday for me. A completely breakaway, only Darius (my laptop) and me.

Bought an external hard disk and named it Eunhyuk. Why? I dunno, it’s sounded cute. I even had hello kitty stickers on him all over. I don’t think Eunhyuk would love the scene, haha. And finally, officially, I named Lee Teuk for my N73. I had joined the credit business so he would become a real important item to me. Actually I laid an eye on Samsung’s SOU…

Holidays Dilemma


Ahhh~~ right. Another post for me to confess. While I’m writing this, I’m in a dark room, looking ugly since I haven’t wash my face from out of bed till afternoon, reading fanfics, watching youtube and voting super junior again, again, and again. I don’t talk to any human beings in this house, I don’t know how to start to because what will blurt out of my mouth would be anything that I’m interested in. That would be so selfish of me. So I better off retreating myself from any conversations and live in this small cave doing things I like. This is very unhealthy~

I rejected every social gatherings like the reunion camping, varsity meetings, shopping spree and campus orient-week officer offer. I don’t answer text messages since I don’t feel like talking into anything. I even reject the idea of me assisting my dad on his motivational talk. Dare I have to say I am lazy. And I can live this boring, lifeless living forever. I did.

Yeah. But I’m too ambitious for that. I don…

Shyness That Caught Me

It’s here. The place. Both of us knew. Both of us are late.

But it’s okay. We bumped at the right time.

I said you’re late. You nod and laughed.

We sit. You ordered a shake. So do I.

We’re awkward.

You said I’m different from what you thought.

I said you’re exactly what I thought.

Laughing again.

I said I like your hair.

You blush and look away.

With that attitude, reminds me of a school girl.

You said you wanted to be an author.

That is why we’re here.

We should discuss. About a book. A political one.

You said with an awkward voice. You want to talk about other things.

It was religion. I’m okay.

We talked about the issue.

Suddenly, we’re dumbfounded.

Shakes empty. We walked out.

People were looking at us weird.

I’m uneasy. But your shy smile washed it all away.

I hardly see the sun outside. But it’s really lovely.

I found scenery I like.

I pull out my cell and you hid behind your palms. You thought I’m capturing you.

When I explained, you flushed. So I took your picture.

There. No need to be embarrassed.

I’m …

Happy Birthday Ryeowook Oppa~

It's 21 of June and it's Ryeowook of Super Junior's Birthday!!

The eternal magnae of the team is 21 this year. Currently he is staying in China (i guess, since he is working in Super Junior-M nowadays). I wish the tenor-voiced oppa will do well thus forward in the future~~

The first time I knew Super Junior, my eyes locked on his face in Don't Don's MV. At that time, I didn't know he is Ryeowook, the shy, cute oppa (^^). So, yeah. Happy Birthday again, Ryeowook Oppa!!! Saranghaeyo!!
<---- the looks that caught my eyes LOL


Here comes SHINee dongsaengs!!

Aneyohaseyo~ Is what you had when you had a breath in cause for you to move around. So, than? What is the point of moving and breathing? You bet. It's G.O.A.L. Every humanbeings needs a goal in their life to had their body work on it, get the brain sharpens and breath not wasted. Goal is the essential in life so you can find yourself the reason to keep waking up everyday. Goal, is somewhat a short term list of things to do. What do you call the long life one is?
Destiny. Yeah. That is what we had to had, so then you don't even had the chance to think of suicide and stuff. Destiny, is what you will live for and can even inspires people around you. Without a goal, your life is plain boring. Without destiny, your life is totally garbage (ooo, that's a bit harsh!!). So what is my GOAL and DESTINY actually?

I've got to say, I am somewhat blurry about this. Given so much options can make one go crazy inside, don't know what will lead your life to. What I do kn…