Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Drama Addict

Anyunghamshinika? (imitating Lee Teuk oppa)

Recently me and family (except my workaholic dad) sent my baby sis to matrix which she had chosen hard from going abroad study. Since she is bright and cheerful, I had no hesitations and negative feelings because I know she can do very well there. Though I claim myself to be a drama queen, it's kind of surprising that we don't shed tears when we parted. It's like as if it's not a big deal at all. To think that her matrix are near to nana's house, I totally figure it out. Unlike me who had to go through like 8 hours of bas riding to get my feet on my varsity, her is nothing to be dramatic about. LOL

Anyways, I wish she had fun and will do all her might there. Ganbatte Kudasai!!!

Enough with that, let see what I currently did to kill those boring time I had in the middle of varsity semester leave? Ah~ I did a research on Asian dramas especially Korean and Japanese dramas. It's fun, getting informations and downloading stuffs, getting to know the culture and all. Besides, it can be done between me watching Super Junior's stuff (which I did frequently nowadays) and updating friendster.

Well, so far, I consumed Dal Ja's Spring (korean), Coffee Prince (Korean), HanaKimi (Japanese), Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (Korean), and the latest is Nobuta wo Produce (Japanese). When I look on the list, I can't believe my eyes that I only watch like 5 dramas so far. I just felt like I had watch bunch, than Super Junior's variety shows cross my mind. That's why it feels like bunch. LOL. It sounds stupid but I really felt that way, and to my own surprise, I switched my cellphone to silent mode so I could focus on my research. Can't say how many complaints I get as if I had ignore the whole world just to suceed this research!! Well, it's going to change. I should get a break and go out play. After that I'll do more. YOSSHH!!

I highly recommend Nobuta wo Produce because:-

  1. Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamashita Tomohisa and Horikita Maki is the main cast

  2. High school life

  3. Friendship, loyalities, youth based

  4. Comedic, drama, romance are well blend

Don't forget to watch Shuji to Akira's PV entitled Seishun Amigo (Youth Friend), the two young actors are showing off their multiple talent!!

That's all for now. Saranghae~


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