Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here comes SHINee dongsaengs!!

Aneyohaseyo~ Is what you had when you had a breath in cause for you to move around. So, than? What is the point of moving and breathing? You bet. It's G.O.A.L. Every humanbeings needs a goal in their life to had their body work on it, get the brain sharpens and breath not wasted. Goal is the essential in life so you can find yourself the reason to keep waking up everyday. Goal, is somewhat a short term list of things to do. What do you call the long life one is?

Destiny. Yeah. That is what we had to had, so then you don't even had the chance to think of suicide and stuff. Destiny, is what you will live for and can even inspires people around you.
Without a goal, your life is plain boring. Without destiny, your life is totally garbage (ooo, that's a bit harsh!!). So what is my GOAL and DESTINY actually?

I've got to say, I am somewhat blurry about this. Given so much options can make one go crazy inside, don't know what will lead your life to. What I do know is, I wanted success. I want to do something that I'll love. And I had smile on my face everyday. And I would never regret on it until the day I die. Currently, I'm still thinking about choices. I love myself, I won't let myself go down to the wrong abbey.

So, here we are. Another boy band has emerged from SM entertainment, named SHINee!! They made their debut with this catchy song; Noona, you're so pretty which I found it'sr eally cute! The members sure had their reason to set the title since they're all in age of 14-18 range. Fangirls whom are much older may had no hesitations to go crazy over these five cute pretty boys; Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho and Key (real name Kim Kibum!! The same name with one of the SuJu dudes!).
Recently they had sung live at Sukira where Eunhyuk and LeeTeuk are working as the DJ. Listen to their powerful voice here.

and this is their official Noona You're So Pretty (Replay) MV

Well, if you found yourself interested on SHINee, feel free to check their official site

Oh yeah, this one is SuJu related. Please vote for SUPER JUNIOR for Korea's Best Artist at MTV Asia Award Malaysia this year!! You can vote here:
Well, of course you can vote others, but I WILL LOVE YOU TO DEATH if you vote for SUPER JUNIOR!!!!! hehehehe~ can't help myself being a fangirl after all.... :P

So that's all for now. I'll see ya around~

P/s: I can't wait for SuJu to come to Malaysia!!!! WELCOME!!!

Super Junior Happy latest song: Cooking? Cooking!
consisted of all Super Junior T members with additional of Yesung and without HeeChul

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