Saturday, June 7, 2008

Officially in love with SuJu!!!

Hello Hello~~

Well, after being ignorant to my favorite mag's (Arena comic) article about Super Junior (SuJu), my friend pull it off to me to take a look at these guys.
KAWAIII~~ that's my first thought. Though i had some hard time to match the foreign names with their face (which means i sometimes called Kyuhyun as Hankyung, Lee Teuk as EunHyuk and Sungmin as Yehsung). But still, I gotta love these personality and music.

So far, I watch their movie (Attack On The Pin-up Boys) and catches Kibum, Kang In, Siwon, Shindong and Heechul in mind. Beforehand, I started to watch Don't Don MV and fell in love with Ryeowook's fierce face (only to know that he is such an innocent young man XD).

Currently being forced to watch Exploration of Human Body, a Korean variety show which made the SuJu's members experimenting with their own body, as a part of getting to know SuJu before i had to admit as their fan. Thanks to my girlfriend Sue to even add this love to them.

Learnt about their fandom, E.L.F (stands for EverLasting Friendship) and was mesmerized about their fight.

I love Super Junior as 13..... They're so sweet together! But be it Super Junior T, Super Junior K.R.Y, whatever the name is....I still love them.


p/s: And now, I had my eyes on Lee Teuk now!!! Hahahahha~~

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