Sunday, June 8, 2008


Just held a very simple wedding dinner of my uncle, congratulations to him. Honestly, half of it gone wrong. The core of the problem, catering. Well, people are here, and the food is not. Some just left with the words: ”already full with the snacks,” to us and that’s a bit shame. When the food came, the caterer just said sorry to some of the family members and not the whole which made my dad and one of my uncle gone mad. They both wanted official apologize. Well said.

So enough with that. Before the dinner, me, my mom, sis and bro are told to go to the venue before dusk. But when was it?? Before dusk, they had like 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Since I wasn’t clear about this (I’ve been told that labor work will be around that time and we had to spare the formal clothes for the dinner), I spent my free time watching Exploration of Human Body from episode 5 to 9. Ah-ha~

Out of sudden, the plan changed. At four p.m., we had to dress in formal and move our butt to the venue. So I go relax and find myself the formal dress I wanna wear, and just iron it. At that time, my mom was babbling about doing things at the last minute. What the heck? I wasn’t told about ANYTHING, and I said that I didn’t know. Than my mom told me I’m SLOW.

For my cult, slow is much likely to match stupid. I mean, real stupid like retard ones. Than, as a sign of protest. I just threw my formal dress and wore what I’m wearing at that time to the dinner. I don’t care what will people said. With messy make-ups on, and not-so-formal dressing, if they ask whose daughter am I, I just answer straight. I don’t care. Since I had not the rights to speak up, so I had to go with the actions. Black sheep, rebels, call me whatsoever.

FYI, I’m not stupid, or slow or what. When I had this psychology test, it’s resulted that I’m a carefree and naïve. When I was told to do this, I’ll follow. When I was told this is great, than I’ll said it’s great. Though I had my own principal, but I accept too many perceptions or opinions and sometimes just go okay with it.

This had made me gone to the sky for a while. Who am I exactly? I am the family’s black sheep, a rebel to them. But to other people, I am the naïve person. The person who goes stimulates the laugh for them. Sometimes, I am the hero for the younger people. I don’t really know who am I.

All I know is that, I’m able to make people happy. And I wanted people around me to make me happy too. So it’s kind of disappointing if someone you belong to, said things that you don’t really wanna hear since you’re building confidence from that person. Don’t give me non-sense of being overreaction or emotional. I am the most emotional person in my family and among my friends, but I never cross the line to said such things. Because I know it hurts.

So much for that. I cured it anyway, by developing this swooning over SuJu’s leader, Lee Teuk-oppa~ Ahh…I love his smile. Well, I am young and stupid I guess. Haha~

So much for something. Thanks for reading. The next day, sun will rise, and we had to move on.



P/s: For those who used Veoh, support the petition of internet discrimination please!! I really want Veoh to unblock my country from using their service. Please go here and submit your petition

Kamisamnida~~ :)

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