Thursday, July 3, 2008

At the end of Hols

Here it goes again~

Annyeong evrybody~

Ahh~ had myself drowned in the net for a while. Now I had to get myself back to the reality; the verge of college opening. I’ll start being busy again, carrying my laptop and black book everyday, completely ignoring my commitment to the internet (hahaha?).

It’s like, I’ve been ignoring my phone and messenger for a while. Instead, I head to youtube, (since Veoh had blocked Malaysia, DAMN!) and forums to communicate and do stuff. Only certain social event I attended and I even didn’t get out of this cave (my room, hahaha). That is holiday for me. A completely breakaway, only Darius (my laptop) and me.

Bought an external hard disk and named it Eunhyuk. Why? I dunno, it’s sounded cute. I even had hello kitty stickers on him all over. I don’t think Eunhyuk would love the scene, haha. And finally, officially, I named Lee Teuk for my N73. I had joined the credit business so he would become a real important item to me. Actually I laid an eye on Samsung’s SOUL but they take SNSD as their model, that’s just turned me off. It’s not that I’m anti SNSD, but what one of the girls said to Kangin made me gone mad!! I had a little dislike on Big Bang too since they got no respect to Kangin as hyung. Geeze, I really am Kangin’s fangirl!!
When was the last time I read a decent good book? Yesterday I went out with my friends and I find out how long had I had my hand on good book. Gaahh~~ I should buy Majalah Ahkam Johor and finish up The Secret instead of buying Super Junior’s Glowstick!! Yet, I felt so satisfied. Ohh..youth~~

Maybe the influence of Shinee’s Noona You’re So Pretty, I had completely gone insane on the fanfic and made up elder girls dating younger boys. Hahhahahaa~ and to think that I’ve gone through Dal Jia’s Spring, I had this, wow anything can really happen! Aish, I had been digging on Oriental stuff and found myself weird when listening to Jesse McCartney’s Leaving. Hahhahaha~ I even found myself saying: “Too rough for me,” when I looked at Justin Timberlake!!!! Maybe overdose on Asians stuff had changed my opinion on what good looks really are. I’m changing into a weird vegetable. But, HELL YEAH I LOVE IT!!!

My last semester’s result is not that good to be proud of. Most of my girls work off to DL. And I had to work harder since this is like my last semester. Though I had hopelessly fell in love with boyband once again……ah, but I had to work off so I can really do wonders on myself. It’s okay to daydream, drowning into false hopes, but when it comes to reality, do the best as you could. I’m twenty, and I gotta have plans for the next 5 years.

That’s all. Don’t forget to vote for Super Junior!!!



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