Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Bad, really really bad


A broken relationship. After all the effort that I have been putting. It’s like stupid when you had to call it a quit. It’s a shame actually, especially when you had cry over it, and all.

I think my tears are bit cheap though. I cry for almost about anything. But I can’t help it. Especially when it comes to people that I care about and things I really love. Maybe this time, I learnt a thing or two.

Don’t put your trust just too easy. Don’t say things when you don’t believe in that person. Cry no more. Try not being too overboard. Because, I will get hurt after it than. What happen to me? I had pre-mature love story with someone I never expect would come to my life. I stops it before it even start. And this time, it happens to someone I called out as second family. A dear (not) brother of mine.

But it’s done. I had sought solutions. And he believed other people than he believes in me. There is no need for explanation because when I tried to do so, he just wouldn’t listen. I had suffered just too much. Cry just too much. Thinking just too much. I even risk my pride; it’s always me to persuade him we should be okay. All that he wanted for me is feeling guilty. He doesn’t want anything but that. Selfish relationship just would ends up like this. So, there is no surprise actually.

Maybe he thinks I’m a liar. He thinks that I don’t keep secrets. He thinks I’m being unfair. It’s up to you. Why on earth did you take me as a sister back before this? He blindly takes me to be his sis, and than he blindly alleged me to all that stuff. Simple. You take me, you ditch me, and yeah. This is what you get. You’re broken all alone because of your stupid decision.

I’m a woman. I’m a proud woman. This little kid had belittles my title and I had weaken to think that we are sharing ‘brotherhood’. God. Did I mention that my girls hated me when I cry about fighting with him? Yes. They think I’m weak back then. So here I am, being the steel like I used to be. I would laugh and would move on like nothing had happened.

Say whatever you want. Think whatever you please. Do whatever you love. I am not in your life anymore to even care about it.

To all the girls out there. Stand tall. Walk with chins up. Feel happy. Do smile, never frown. We are woman. We are beautiful when we are happy and we look awful when we are crying. So, cry when there is nobody looking. Haha!


pleiades said...

ni apehal ni.

Heaven Fragrance said...

dude, it's about stupid guys and stuff~