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A little break from exhaustment

Annyeong~ it’s been a while!! (Like I said, it’s really been a while~~~).

When I left this community, it’s been exhausting months for me, doing all the events that are organized by my club. We had concert (it was mini, but it’s fun ^^), members gathering, members registering and upcoming soon, we’re going to have some summer camp for the super-senior members and audition for the new members as we’re leaving the club. I can’t believe I’m grabbing my diploma the next year!!

Around my period of absentness, Super Junior had won the award as the Best Korean Artist at MAA!!! Yay!!! Thanks for voting you guys!! It’s really worth it to have the voting widget plastered all over my social network stuffs. Hehehe~ They came to Malaysia and my girlfriends (Priceless Voice, our team similar to SuJu ^^) had seen them alive!! The words that spills out from them are; they look like they came from another dimension, with shines and halos like no other. And it’s funny how the fans are acting like mad when they see SuJu walked the red carpet but completely silenced when the other artists like Pussycat Dolls and Joe Flizzow is walking the carpet. Aww~~ show some support next time, ELFes!! ^^ But if it was me, I would act the same too~ Who cares~ hahah!

While Super Junior is at their peak, Shinee dongsaeng is having their MNet choice award and reality tv show; YunHaNam where they should date the noonas to win the game. Uh! I wanna be one of the noonas too~~ the noonas are so fortunate to meet the talented youngsters~~ You should watch them in School of Rock where they dressed as girls to play some drama!! ROFL

There are some rumors about Shindong losing too much weight and became slim. I had posted the news at SMtown Malaysia, sparking the rumors around but the thing is actually, it’s a prank Shindong oppa is playing around by himself. Ahh!! And I was being the dumb one to post it all over my favorite social forums!!! Huhuhuhuhu~ In the other hand, Kyuhyunnie won the first position for the favorite maknae in Korea. Ahhahaha~ Super Junior M is promoting their latest song; Me. I haven’t listen the song yet but my girls said is very lovely and meaningful~

Oh! And the latest on DBSK, their fourth album is out!! Fans had been missing them in Korean album~ their latest album, entitled Mirotic, is offering the newly, modern touch of DBSK. They are promoting Mirotic song (which I ended being so addictive to ^^) and Hey, Now!. The MV is a major eye candy for the ladies, and maybe guys would love to learn their charm too in the MV.
Nowadays, I found myself amused at the rapstress Yoobin from Wonder Girls. I'm also amazed at Hyoyeon of SNSD's popping and waving dance, it's very cool. Though I had been MoMusu's fan since I heard of them (like I was twelve or so), but I never think of getting into the K-girls music. When I heard Wonder Girls' So Hot rap, I was tantalized (I'm a rapstress myself). Oh, and about SNSD. I read the lyrics translation of Girls'Generation's song, and it was nice for a girl like me. It suddenly become my theme song recently. Anyway, Wonder Girls is promoting 'Nobody' and it's a really nice song. While I heard that SNSD is going to star in 'Factory Girls' where they act as fashion's commentator. Looking forward for them!! ^^

Here are some YouTube links for the vidz that I highly suggest to you. Enjoy!!
DBSK's Mirotic MV:-
DBSK's comment on Mirotic:-
Mirotic Live:-
Wonder Girls' Nobody MV:-
With lots of love,

Heaven a.k.a Majestic_Heaven

p/s: Aye, I would leave this blog again and be busy again after this holiday. Gaahhhh!! I wish I could really manage my time and get the broadband by my own. I should gather some money to buy it~~


Anonymous said…
toooooooooo pink.
shaddup you~ dis is sungmin influence

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