Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Super Junior oppas!!

I loved you guys a bit late, but I am thankful to know the wonders you guys had made before this year's anniversary (thanks to PriVo!! Esp Miss Pleiades).

Had introduced me to love of asia even more. And had me searching more for something different than before. You guys are awesome!! FIGHTING!!

Looking forward for more of yuh all~~ I love you.

Lots of sarang~

Miss Norfolk Pine from M45 and The Norfolk Pine a.k.a NoPi of Priceless Voice.


P. said...

슈퍼주니어 , 사랑해요!!!
all my beloved oppas, 이특, 희철, 한경, 예성, 강인, 신동, 성민, 은혁, 동해, 시원,려욱, 기범, 규현 also 周觅 and my dongsaeng, 헨리,
생일 축하합니다!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heaven Fragrance said...

우리가 당신을 위해 모든 행복과 일상 생활에 더 먹은 것으로 기대하고있다. 우린 모두 널 사랑해 ^ ^

P. said...

"We're all happy for you and expect to be eating more of everyday life. We all love you"

tu ke?

Heaven Fragrance said...

aish~ no!! I was saying 'expect to see more of you' and hope they can be happy everyday. Huh~