Friday, November 14, 2008

I hate my dreams!!! ARRGGHH!!

Finally I've finished my papers. Ahhh!!! So happy *bounce*bounce*

.....and the nightmare is to pack all these stuff I had, cluttering everywhere. Huh!

So I went to Pasar Malam last night with my fellow level-mate. We're on the mission to buy some boxes, packing mission next.

And there, I was browsing with my girls, trying to find the food that was well-ordered from our friends. So we hit the pasar, looking for the subjected food.

I was busy searching (I felt like google searching engine at that time) when suddenly my roomate pulls me from my way to another stall. I was like; !@#$^&*()*%$#!???

She said she saw something unpleasant. So I checked my shoe, did I stepped on the cat's poo??? And suddenly all my girls gathered around me to check it too. It's kind of loud for 2 secs, and my roomate said, no! Not that she meant.

She points to the next stall I was trying to walk on, a glimpse of a familiar Adidas jacket. My hand flew to my mouth. GOSH!!

I don't even dream to meet him again before I went home.

So, the other girlfriends don't have any idea on what me and my roomate are doing, walking around avoiding the dude. Huhh.... had made me all upside down. I was rushing to went out from the pasar, and quickly wanna go home. But I think, he spotted me. So, to think that, I should have let go and move on.

I texted him. Though I lied that I thought I saw him. At least I talked (non-verbal) to him.

Our life had parted. And we should move on.

So! Recently, I dreamed this weird dream of getting chased at huge mansion. The chaser wants me to marry their daughter. Of course I ran. And I was running, in gaming mode the screen was. Where the options and all are on the screen of my dream. I always end up getting caught at the garden filled with hibiscus. Than, I woke up. I have been dreaming this deadly dream for nearly 5 TIMES!!

And never liked it!!

I hate chase dreams!!! EXHAUSTING!!

That's all. Gotta see my hometown soon, I've been waiting for the home I loved.


Majestic Heaven

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