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Okay, when I kept myself busy in the real world, making stuffs, than only I realised that I forgot to share~

Let's start with Super Junior. The multiplied hwangjas (which of course I love every one of them XD) just finished with their Shanghai Super Show!! There are lots of fancams with every singles song are provided in YouTube, many thanks to Liz99bb's for the uploads. Here is the link to her channel, and you can pick what to watch it from there.
Super Junior's photobook in Tokyo with DVD, and 2009 calendar is ready to be in your hand! You can get your preorder at

And they are planning for THIRD ALBUM EVEYRBODY!!!!!! 2009 is going to be SUPERJUNIOR'S YEAR!!!! *fangirlism shrieks* Though the date is still ambigous, it is clear they are now preparing for the new album :) Ryeowook cyworld's had picture of him and Kyuhyun doing their recording at the studio~

Oh, and gongxi, gongxi for Super Junior-M as they had been awarded as Most Popular Group in Southeast Explosive Music Chart Awards!!! JIAYOU3!!

For DBSK updates, gosh... I had to congratulates them a lots!! The amazing boys had won theirselves the:-
1.MKMF Auction Best Style Award
2. MKMF Mobile Popularity Award
3. MKMF Auction Netizen’s Choice Award
4. MKMF 2008 Overseas Viewer Award
5. MKMF BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Daesang for album)

And our maknae, Changminnie cried his heart out upon receiving Best Album Of The Year award!! You can watch him crying (hihhihihiii) here:-
There are also lot's of interviews and variety shows they had attended, there are so many stories never before told are unveiled!! Chocolate, Champagne, Come to Play, Family Outing, Jeonsil Notes, Happy Together and the list is still growing to be watched!! Currently, their albums are selling high, expected to break the Korean sells records that is unbreakable for 2 years. People, 2008 is really DBSK's year!! Personally, I'm in love with Wrong Number right now~ DBSK, AJA!

For SHINee dongsaengs, my sweet little fairies are being at lots of photoshoots recently. Marie Claire, CLRIDE etc. I see that they are in demands from those fashionistas~ think their motto is clear, music+fashion. Beaute! SHINee had performed DBSK's Rising Sun for MKMF's opening performance, sweet~ They won theirselves the Best Newcomer Award!!! And they are honored to give away MKMF 10th anniversary commemorative award to Moon Hee Jun, former H.O.T's member. Check it out:-> Giving award to Moon Hee Jun
They even went to the over sea!! Recently, they had interview and performed at Thailand for Channel V. How cool is that? They're doing Arirang's Monologue, and currently only Onew's are presented in Youtube. Better check them out frequently ^^ --> Onew's Monologue --> SHINee Channel V Thai
Think that's all that I can update briefly~ enjoy!! Oh, and the downloads section is up. Many, many, loads of thanks to Wendi and Star for their wonderful site. See my hotspotzz than you'll know ^^
Majestic_Heaven of Priceless Voice a.k.a PriVo


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