Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy~ Happy~ Celebrates with HEECHUL!! XD

Annyeong~ I just checked up my final's result, and it was great!! For the busy and lazy semester, this one is a good one~ though, gosh, it dropped a lot!!

Oh, well. But I'm so happy to have it all clear thou? I'll drop a lesson for yuh. Never do last minute study. Should constantly study, balances with activities and socializing. Uh, yeah. So people, here are some picspams of Heechul in Good Daddy. He looked so adorable with HongKi!!! Not to forget baby Mason's cuteness~~~ XD

Heechul oppa is doing his hair, his pants looked familiar~~

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The cute baby Mason!!!!

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Pink Heenim~

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HongKi is trying to take pic

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Awww..............I can't help but to goes...awwwwwwww......

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Lots of spirits right now~
Majestic Heaven

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