Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I need goals to live+ Wishlist

Alright, I'm stuck with this boring, lazy life. Well, what do you expect from holidays?

I mean, I got to do something with my life.

Everyday, sleeping at 7 in the morning, and wakes up at 1 in afternoon....eiii... I don't want to age fast!!!!

But people(including my family) said I'm a night-goer. Hahaha~ I think so too.....

Maybe I need something to do for the next day so I can wakes up early.

Oh, whatever. I want money. I need to find a job. Why? Becausseee......I am so going to grab so much hot stuffs in the next year!!

2009 Stuffies:-
1) Super Junior's 3rd Album
2) Super Show's Tix (yeah...baby! Yeahhh!)
3) A digi-cam (in lime-green)
4) More English novels, I need to read more....
5) Anti-aging facial care (I know it sounds odd u_u;)
6) BAPE hooded-sweater
That's all for now.
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