Friday, December 12, 2008

I'M DANCING OUT!!! Woohooo~~~


Since I've been sooooo bored at home, my friend forks me into her idea of going out. Yeah, out. And I just can't wait to 'DANCING OUT IN THE AIR!!' Wahoo!! 'Life Couldn't Get Better!!!'

The point here is, to SHOP!! Shop for that SUPER SHOW T-SHIRT!!!! YAY!!!! And I'm planning to buy some Shinee stuffs for my sis too ^^. Maybe an AMIGO CD+T-shirt for her. Her friend is soooo going to be green in envy XD
So, currently I'm diggin' cash for the trippy and were planning to set the budget, best period of time, activities and all. Thanks so much for the babes who help me out~

Chores for money~ that sounds so funny!! But this is what I'm doing currently though. LOL
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song: Dancing Out-Super Junior-
That's all, WOOHHOO!!
Majestic_Heaven of Priceless Voice
p/s: Priceless Voice' Debut will come up here sooner. Please Anticipate!! ^^

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