Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm not happy when........

I'm certainly not happy when I'm out of attention.

And it's even worse when it comes to someone really important to me.

Come on, I know I acted bad. Well, that is just a girl's way to pull some attention.

But well, you don't get me do you?

You love it better when some other people that are anonymous are around you, kept talking about how good you are.

While me, the one who is there is always being myself. I gave you my opinions and critiques, but you know what? You just wanna have some sort of people who can gives you lots a lots of causes to brag.

You know what? You are kind of going away from me. You didn't understand me anymore. I am not the person who is your hope anymore. But those people who you regards as your future.

And when I'm just being firm of myself, you've got to think straight. It is YOU who I'm transforming to right now. Don't you just get it?


Song: Blood -Mika Nakashima-

Unhappy Daughter

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