Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm taking the chill pill

Ok, thats a lie.

I gone totally crazy when I look into my favorite forum (MY-SMTown) and found out a pic of how Super Junior's 3rd album would look like!!!

Image Hosted by

............and when I zoomed in, the pic is totally FAKE!!!! Oh, getting me hyper for no reason!!! Arrgghhh!!! I am so mad right now, I can eat double cheese burgers!! (I hate cheese).

So much for getting my day happy....and it turns out to be fake.....I'm in could they did something like this....maybe they are happy to see fangirls like me crying over false hope.

People who loves to tease us (fan girls), please do think of us as humans. With overwhelming passion that is....

SuJu oppas.....I am okay if you keep us waiting for the album, as long as it will turn out to be a great job. I can wait, for the sake of quality, I won't let you rush. Before you guys said it, I won't believe any other news anymore. I love you all.... *sobs*

Dang. It feels like buying fake Prada with the real's price!!!!


Majestic Heaven

p/s: The news was taken from and posted in MY-SMTown so it was not our members who are doing the fake thingy. It was originally posted by members under the name BoAtiful. The member was recognised as posting false news. TQ

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