Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just feels like posting

I'm in my PJ, just ate some noodles, planning to brush my teeth, put some anti-aging and sleep.

But I can't sleep. And went to YT. I searched for SHINee since they just crossed my mind.

Ahhhh....I just love them. So young and fresh. I hoped they can maintain that, and continue to grow and shine their own way. SM is so lucky to get those kids to polish under their roof.

I love SHINee. I know they can withstand their name one day, just like their sunbaes did. Sometimes I think SHINee will inherit that H.O.T's and DBSK's craze. Not I'm saying Super Junior is not that hot, but Super Junior, got their own charm and love.

Which lured and even makes me one of their E.L.F. I love you SuJu oppa, you're my first Korean Love :3

SHINee ah, your spell makes noona couldn't sleep you know?? Aishhh....

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