Friday, December 12, 2008

SHINee!!! Noona disapprove!!!

Okay, I complain a lot recently. I should change my name to 'Majestic Complainer'. So, currently I went through YT and watch SHINee Subs' (ehem! advertising here~) vidz. I laid on Star King SHINee's cut, I go 'awwwww' when Kang Ho Dong hugs Taemin affectionately and even holds him on the air!!

Than, I realised it. Than I quickly browse my SHINee's gallery and dumbfounded. Let's check it out. This is their debut pic.

This is them on MKMF '08 red carpet.

And this is another one, randomly.

Got something? Oh, well. It's their pants I was looking at. IT'S TOO TIGHT!!! think that they're so young... OH GOD!! IT'S REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!

Poor SHINee, though I think they're getting used with it now...still, they need the sense of COMFORT there!! Oh, gosh, and dancing in those???

SHINee....noona is really concern about your health, but noona couldn't tell you directly T_T

Uhmm...and to cure that feelings, I just browse the local online shops and gets awed with the beautiful fittings plus great prices. Think thats the complaint.....I'll see ya round~

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