Thursday, December 18, 2008

SHINee overdose and why

I think I got myself drowned in SHINee World nowadays?

Yeah, since their debut, I vowed to be their fans as I believe they're going to be much bigger in the K-Pop industry. Those talents and charms are just going to win off all the way.

Got myself gone insane when I watch too much of SHINee's Yunhanam, and not to count those live performances. I think I got one wire damaged in the brain when I watch SHINee's cut in Band of Brothers? Uh..I think so.

And recently got myself liking Jaejin FTI. I used to like HongKi, and still is. Hahaha~ these kids, underaged, and I dunno why I kept lamenting about my age. I'm only 20 going on 21, but these kids makes me felt old!! LOL

Why? Most of my friends are not into the idea with those younger idols, since they're Not really a man, and it's regarded as babies. Can't protect, that is what they told me.

Heh, I'm different. I love them. I even DATED younger boy.

And I hurted him. Leaving him just like that.....Of course I felt guilty, but I need to hurt him so he wouldn't hurt even worst in the future. Too much differences, I wish he would understand one day.

I think, that is why I'm so into those younger idols? Since the break up, I'm like soooo fanatic over hallyu wave. Found SHINee and FTI (yes, people, I learnt SHINee first before FTI), suddenly loved them. Oh, the influence. I think he would be proud on changing my opinion like 180 degrees.

About why I chose younger boy, let's just take that I love a person who had a dream and wants to live it no matter how hard. I want to support this kind of person so much, and this dreamy person happens to live in a younger soul. So, if he is a guy who got this criteria, he is going to win my heart. Maybe because I inherited my mom's gene, being so supportive on every little thing that our family did.

And I wasted it being a FANGIRL!!! Hahahaha~~ Oh well, that is all. Morning makes me feel hyper. Here is another day. Live it!!

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