Thursday, December 4, 2008

Unwanted Habit

I got habits. I think most people had, ok. EVERY one have their own habits.

I got habits, which sometimes annoy people. But I love my habits, it makes me felt unique.

But I hate when I 'imported' others habit to become MY habit.

Especially when that particular person is not how they used to be anymore.

So, currently I'm trying to get that stupid habit out of me!!! *cringes*

It's hard, but I'll do it for sure!! HWAITING!!

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Rasa Sarang HEY!

Norfolk Pine


P. said...
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P. said...

Rasa Sarang HEY!????

oi rosak bahase.

Heaven Fragrance said...

Wahahahah~ Ok what?
Rasa sarang sarang HEY!
Hey lihat Yunho jauh
Rasa sarang sarang hey~