Monday, December 22, 2008


Quick updates about me:- I passed my driving test, I went to the PC Fair but got not what I want, I'm making appointment for a hair treatment and I'm going to start a crash exercise routine.

Enuff about me.

TO ALL ELFs!!! Make sure to VOTE our HANGENG OPPA in MTV Korea.

He is going to be set in challenge of Best Foreigner Artist in Korea. The rival is Nick Khun of 2PM and he is leading verrrrryyyyy close.

Wacca waitin' for??? GO VOTE!!!! Show the world what ELFs could do!!!

You can vote every 10 mins okay? :)

credit: MTV + helenjie + sapphirepearls + gorgeous18

Alright, here is the update. Looks like Hangeng oppa is leading majority with average 73% of votes, but it's really hard to rise to 74%. Keep on voting ELFs. Until the poll is closed officially!! :P

Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji's WGM is subbed by gomdorii at YT people!!!! Come and watch it together. You can simply click at my 'So Hot' section, the link with the name 'Pretty Boy Power'.


Yay!! Hangeng oppa won the tight battle!!! Thank you soooooooooo much, to the amazing ELFs and maybe our sister, Cassies for helping Hangeng oppa out!! XD

Let's wait for the acceptance of the award now ^^

Sarang Sarang Sarang

Norfolk Pine


world of my own said...

vote for hannie =)love ur blog btw^^
suju is love <3

Heaven Fragrance said...

Thanx for the support Dila :D
Nice to meet u ^^