Friday, January 30, 2009


Petition for SJ 3rd Album Malaysia Version

For one and a half year apart from the 2nd Album (Don't Don, SJ is finally going to Come-Back on stage together with their 3rd Album during the month of March this year.

We are sure that all ELFs have been waiting for this moment for a very long time, and expecting new surprises from SJ.

Being noticed or not, there is a special and tender relationship between the 13 members and us.

SJ have never missed out the word "Malaysia" wherever they have their promo tour or Concerts in other countries. This shows that we are always in SJ's heart and mind although we are away from each other for a few thousand miles.

Don't you feel this is a pride of being a Malaysia ELF? Honestly, ELFs who knew about this matter are very proud of it.  

But, all these while, SJ's main albums are only distributed in Korea.

We ordered their albums from Korea which costs us extra pennies due to foreign currency exchange and courier charges. SM Entertainment & Warner Music are unable to review the actual market demand for SJ's albums in Malaysia. This is because what we bought from Korea has increased the album sales in Korea market only, and this has covered the existing demand amount from Malaysia fans.

3rd album will be released 2 months later.  

It is time for Malaysia ELFs to stand up and show SM Entertainment & Warner Music about our existence. Let us work together and shout-out to this music industry: "We are here! And we are the great supporters of SJ!" Hence MYSJ ( is working an alliance with all Malaysia ELF fans-site on this mega-project - (Petition for SJ 3rd Album Malaysia Version). 

We will bring this petition and all responses to Warner Music.

We want to prove to both SM Entertainment & Warner Music the great support of Malaysia fans to SJ, and this will definitely allow them to generate new and broader market demand.

If this petition has great response, we will try our very best to propose to SM Entertainment & Warner Music to bring SJ to Malaysia for album promo tour or showcase.

This is our fundamental and preliminary plan; whether this miracle can be happened or not, we need your enormous and full support, in all aspect, on this project.

SJ has been mentioning that they wish to visit Malaysia often, but arrangement wise has causes many frontier. Why not we work out and make their wish come true?

Frankly, we missed the 13 members a lot and we believe the same forlorn goes to 13 of them too.

As an ELF, we must do something and put in great effort to gain this opportunity.

Let us unite and work hand-in-hand to make this miracle in-real.

Dateline Deadline: January 31, 2009 FEBRUARY 2ND, 2009


Kindly email your petition to

Subject title: Petition for SJ 3rd Album Malaysia Version


Full name as in NRIC:

NRIC number:

Contact number:



This petition has been hosted in MYSJ ( If you have done this petition in MYSJ, please do not send your statement again to avoid any duplication of information.

Your cooperation to the above is much appreciated and thank you in advance.

**credits to mysj-home + MY-SMTOWN

**pic credits to whoever make it ^^;

**credits to P-shii for the spelling mistakes

To My Cassies

Remember the time when TVXQ went to Malaysia back in 2007? Let's do it again Cass!!! Join both of the petitions to make this event come true XD
Image Hosted by

RedStar is a bit of different team from Sayang and the other Malaysian Forum petitions (sign their petition by following the link!).. But please support the both of us~ I'm gonna do my best to help all teams to make this event happen ^__^
Help us PROMOTE by spreading this everywhere~ FEEL FREE TO COPY / PASTE. I am providing links to the photos for the other language versions.
PHONE [Malaysian Residents]:
VALID E-MAIL: (1 per person)
FREE TIMES/PREFERRED DATES: (around December preferably a free-from-exam date)
OR FAX IT TO: +61894583162
DEADLINE is before February 14, 2009!

Image Hosted by
a- MYR 100 - MYR 200
b- MYR 200 - MYR 300
c- MYR 300 - MYR 400
d- MYR 400 - MYR 500
e- MYR 500 and above


YOUR CO-OPERATION ~ It will only take 3 minutes from your life to fill up the information and send it! 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Me and Nadia's Bad Deeds LOL

"Ohhh~ girls just wanna have funn~~"


Since me and Nadia is still in festive mood, we're kind of 'I need mandarin oranges....' in doing our routines in the office. Aishh....we're not a permanent employee anyway, but still, we followed the disciplines like real office lady.  

I was having this problem with MUET registration, and I decided to take a half day to settle all the craps there. Nadia frowned when I told her I'm not going to be around for the afternoon half. I was calling the cab for reservation since I don't get my license yet and my dad is too busy to entertain my princess needs. A bulb appeared between us. 

Nadia applied for a half day too, saying that she is going to register MUET together with me which is actually....completely hehehe....LIES!!! 

Nadia had succesfully gets her MUET of Band 3 and she is exactly not taking another go of it. and her was like...

Okay, I'm going to back you off if boss is going to ask you many questions.

Cool, than I can give you a hitch, let's get out of this office. But you've got to stand the heat, since my car got no air-cond

*stupid giggles*

So we did. And well, even we applied the half day from 2.00 to 5.00, we had done our extra works in the morning. I can't believe it myself that I can do the whole day job in one morning session. That is without coffee breaks and lunch~~ LOL

Really, we're not bad girls. But, we're sooo....dry in the office. Needs some fresh air really. Now I understand the pressure of being office workers...IT IS SOOO BOOORIINNNGGGG~~ Looking at the monitors, managing the data, print, print, print and than arranging files. I DON'T WANT TO LIVE LIKE THIS!!!!!

Me and Nadia decides to get a job which is....well, less to do with office. We're both very adventurous and to imprisoned us in one jar is not a good idea. Two brains could make a hole out of it. Hohohohohoho~~

And, yeah. I'm not lying, I did went to get my SPM certificate (which was abandoned like 4 years LOL) to smoothen my MUET business. But I called the Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah and they told me that I don't need to come.

What the.....

....I've applied the half-day out already.....

...and I got Nadia who was willing to help me.....

And so we decides to get the certificate and go eat somewhere far from the office. LOL!!! Both of us enjoys eating so much but Nadia is always leaving some bits because she can't eat more than what she had sets her mind to :P

And today, is the day I enjoyed my stay as industrial trainee the most. We talk a lot about our future, and how we don't want to be in the office 9-5 LOL!!

When I get back home, got the news of Won Bin resigning from FT Island. WHAT???????

Really spoilt my mood tonight.... T.T

Won Bin...what is wrong...tell noona what is wrong......aigoo....

I need his official statement about this.

What A Day

p/s: I'm a good girl, really. Nadia too~~ we promise this would never happen again ^^

**pic credits to

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Of My Favorite Members and SHINee's Charms

Heenim: "Kuci kuci kuci~ My cute dongsaengg :3~~"
Sungmin: "Eh? Hehehe~ My pretty hyung~~"

Junsu: "I think the crazy girl over there is screaming your name"
Sungmin: "I thought she is screaming your name"
Junsu, Sungmin: O_o *runs away*

Ahahahahaha~~ What can I say? My favorite members getting together in one life is complete..... *sigh a relief sigh*

And I found out about the MBC Star Dance Battle.....aigoo...I'm upset on how SS501 won over Super Junior. I mean, yes. Oh yes, trillion dozens of Yes that SS501 are total smexy, hot,  gosh I just jaw dropped when they do that handkerchief thingy XD 

But Super Junior owns the stage. It's really entertaining, yes really. I mean, look at that tectotronic dance that, I guess, influenced by the Japanese dance team which is named...Uniqlo? I guesssed that is the name ^^; Who can dance pacman dance and do tunak tunak tuna at the same time??? Very entertaining without sensual provoking contents.

But Mulan(MY-SMTOWN) said that there is no official statement of who won. I was thinking, eh? How come PopSeoul, ALL K-POP and other sites are stating that SS501 had won? And I went to Quainte channel in YT, he or she is stating the same thing also. Huh?

Watch the dance of Double S here:
*credits to bumbimjj

And Super Junior's here:-
*credits to sushimadness

And I was going nuts when I've seen one gif of Taemin (SHINee) flipping his hair with fiery background doing live performance. I was screaming (caps-locking LOL) in MY-SMTOWN for the performance. Thank you so much Myra (MY-SHINee Moderator) for the links and download links :D We both gone crazy about it in the shoutbox. Just thank God I could get it right on time. 

SHINee performed Shinhwa's Wild Eyes in KBS' Music Bank but the performance got cut. I was going crazy for the show when I saw Jonghyun's pic and our member's Tiffany's avvie ^^

This is the pic of Jonghyun:-

"Don't kid around with me noona, you'll melt into nothing"

And this is the performance. Very, very hot. I don't mean to sounds like pedo-dude. But...this is certainly hot. How come these underages can be soo hot..... I guess black could make people goes wooh uh!! Hahahaha~~

*credits to sarsee

I guess that is all the spazz for today. Tomorrow I'm going to settle that MUET problem by my own. Grrr....why those informations are like here and there not the same??? I am so very mad!!

My Energy Wasted But I'm Contented

Monday, January 26, 2009

Being 21st Is Not So Bad When....

"I love You Oh Thank You"

Ahahaha~ I just have to post this one. Really....

Last night, Chinese New Year's eve, me and my family had this gath to celebrate a late birthday of mine. And I saves all the gratitude from them, of having me in the family, as someone who as tough as rock to keep the family stays firm and protected in my mind. 

P-shii, made a Birthday video and I was like all anxious. Downloading, is really a pain. But it comes worthwhile when I watch it. I can I say? I was...touched. Really..... that vid was made very careful and...well, hehehe, it fulls with what I love. Actually, WHOM I love is much correct. 

Thank you so much P-shii, the sayings at the end of the vid really means a lot to me. Thank you for accepting me just the way I am. And thank you so much for even have the hassle of making those things for me, it cause you a lot of hardship, to even upload the vid for me. 

And to think that you made it all, just for me...... Ahahaha, really....I'm all wet in the eyes now.....Thank you. Thank you so much for even existing. I never told you this, but.. Thu, I love you. Thank you so much. I can't think of anything to say right now, but I'm really grateful to have you by my side.

I don't even imagine myself to have any friend back when I was very little. The one that I could think of is my dad as a friend. See? I'm not even good with my little sis :P

I was afraid to move on, I was even afraid to see people. 

But now...I can't thank enough of having the people around me who had made my life colorful. Even for the darkest color. I thank you all......

For people who think I should have not exist in their life, please forget me. Forget my name, do not even think of me to start with. Leave the past, erase the memories. That would be much easier for both you and me. 

I once again, thank you all.......

Please, this song in this page is dedicated to all of you.

Miss Healerzz


Happy Chinese New Year~~

And when I post this, fireworks are everywhere~~ Now, all I want is to see the lion dance to complete the day :D


24 (Korean age) already......

Hope to see more of you for this year oppa~~ stay healthy and safe~~

** SJ-M's pic credits to: as tagged+sapphirebluelove
**Jae's pic credits to  As tagged + DNBN + KPOPJJANG

Friday, January 23, 2009

Best Birthday Present....

Sungmin: "So you're the wife? Do you know how to make pumpkin dishes?"
Me: =.=;

God answered my prayer last night.....



Dear God,

I will be good from now on and do more good deeds!!!!

**pic credits as tagged + Lee Sungmin@friendster

Thursday, January 22, 2009

At The Verge of Turning 21.....

"Saengil Chuka Hamnida, honey. Make a wish~"

*Wakes up from dreaming*

Aisshh.......*regrets to wake up*

Shortly, I will turn 21.

I must say, I had so many things and chances that I let go without giving a shot.

Now I am going to take every opportunity if it comes for me.

That should includes meeting Super Junior and study abroad XD

I had always been the stupid hobae, strict sunbae, random friend, caring noona and a loving unni. I wish I could always stands at that position forever to you guys ^^

There are so many new things ahead that I would like to discover. So many people to meet, so many places to go. 

Right now, I just want to tell myself to be who I always be, and be what I want to be. 

I am well blessed to have known all of you, and I wish we could get along well forever and ever. 

One prayer before I turn to the big 2 and 1.....

........please get rid of all the wrong guys I would meet in the future, I rather be lonely than to meet the wrong person. Those hurtness should come once only.....please, dear God.

I want to marry Lee Sung Min please...... 

To the 21st Norfy@Heaven@Healerzz,

Just go even if the obstacles are too high, you've got to be strong when you had get over it :)

Few minutes to go......

Goodbye 20th....

.....ANYEONG 21ST!!!!!


I Am So Above You

"I know I'm just too good for you,"

It's been a while since I left college.

I heard about him from a good friend of mine. Haven't heard of him much since we parted.

Seems like he enjoys the newly found life. With my friend. Seems like they're very dear to each other.

Good for them. Though I'm still bruised because of what they've done to me.

But one thing that cracked me realy hard, is that he is fooling himself of being in public.

Really, he is not good enough for anything as public as that. And I heard that he looks freaking stupid. Oh, I told him before, but he is too full of himself.

He is good at this one. Loving himself just too much, and found himself stupid after ward. What a good thing? Hahahaha~

You really are nothing without me. You must have been regretting to even hurt me in the past.

I am so above you. Hope you can digest that thing well now. Ahahahahahah~~~

Oh, life couldn't get better.

And yes. You just can't fight a PRINCESS. And you are just a boy. Yes you are.

Princess Healerzz

** pic credits as tagged + My-SMTown

p/s: Really, I felt like Heenim today because of this post

Note: Purple lines (sounds familiar, hehehe) are edited posts, since most of you thought I was talking about Heenim. No lah honey bunches......

Seriously, Heenim is far more better than the person I'm talking about ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Open Letter To My Future Husband

Dear hubby

I am sorry that you have to accept me as a fangirl

I laid my eyes to so many guys before I lock my faith to you

I am sorry for the imperfectness of myself that you have to take

Marrying me, the lifetime fangirl would be a very hard thing for you to accept

I couldn't promise you that my fangirling would stop

But I can promise you to tie my one, and only precious love to you

Only you

Those idols I'm after to are just some fantasy

And you are my reality, my destiny, my lover

My ultimate idol over idols I had in my whole life

Thank you for your rings on my finger

Thank you for even having the idea of making me as your wife

In this middle of fangirling era, I write to you to assures you my loyalties

I love you

From the bottom of my heart
Your Fangirl Wife, 21st January 2009

p/s: I write this for my future husband, in the hope when I get married in future, he will understand my love for idols and for him are different ^^;

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Borderline Of Being a Fangirl and a Fashionista

"You're my first NORMAL love, and I can't keep you out of my mind..."

For more than half of my life, I had been a fangirl. 

1993 is the year I was 5, and I'm so in love with Michael Jackson. 

1996 when I was in standard two, I'm into Backstreet Boys.

2000 I changed to Hideaki Takizawa's fangirl, but the love between us doesn't last long~

2002 I'm back with Michael Jackson

2004 Wufei of Gundam Wing and Kakashi of Naruto's fangirl

2005 Gackt Camui caught my attention, it was love at the first heard. His first song, Mizerable made me be his fangirl (and still am ^^).

Mid 2008 I'm officially in love with Super Junior. It spreads to SHINee, DBSK, Big Bang, FTIsland, Wonder Girls..........

See? I have spent so much money, creativity and time being a fangirl. When I mention 'fangirl', it means DEEP. I have gone all out for it!! My family thinks I need to get a life. Really....I'm normal....I got good grades, I do club activities, I have circles of friends, I have ups and downs. So, yeah! AM NORMAL! 

But i'm not being a fangirl only. 

I just discovered how I am so in love being a female~ and I discovered how fun is it doing female stuff. Shopping, dresses, mixing and matching, color blending, make-ups, those things. Ahhh.... I learnt to love myself a lot since I 
stepped in Terengganu. 

And to satisfy being both fangirl and fashionista, is none other than CASH.

Sometimes......I am so torn in choosing between being these two..... T_T 

I love Super Junior so much......but those hair saloon's discount are so irresistable~ MIANHAE OPPA!!! I chose my hair over your Super Show's DVD.......

The only key for me to do both is to have more money.

To have more money means I do have to work.

And when I work, mehh.....I got tired........

Ah~ really. Being fangirl and fashionista is really not easy..........

I posted up Son Dam Bi's pic because I found my love on her. And that picture of Sungmin...well, I love him. 


**Sungmin pic credits to SarangSJ
**Dam Bi's pic was taken.....I dun remember ^^;

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Share The Same Issue With Kim Yoobin

Yeah. Really.

Me and Kim Yoobin is like the same age. Both of us loves to rap. Both of us are naturally darker than people around us. 

And both of us are being serious about slimming down those thights!!!

Heard of her doing jump-rope like 1000 times per day. WTH?

I'm not going to lose!!

100 crunches everyday, 10 push-ups (I'm not good at this :P) hows that sounds to you???

But those jump rope thingy is luring me. Think I'm going to try that method. 

Yoobin!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! XD

All Spirited Up
Norfolk Pine

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super Show at Nanjing: The controversial continues....

"Girls would lovin' me, boys would hatin' me, they will never stop, coz they know we're SO HOT HOT"

Hahahaha~ yorobeun. Have you watch the fancam of Heenim fanservicing Sungmin? Well, for the straight talk, Heenim KISSED Sungmin. Yes he did. And I am one of the fangirls who wouldn't mind. Yes I am. 

Why? Well, let me get you into the J-Rock fandom first. Why? Because from what I have been seeing that, Heenim had his interest on J-Rock, he loves rock for sure. I think he must had one or two Visual Kei's album at home and watch the live show of the Visual Kei's bands. That is where he get all the influence to do this. Oh, you just have to be a fan of visual kei if you want to know what the heck am I talking about. 

I am pretty sure he is not gay. Most of Visual Kei artists did the same thing (and worst, fyi) but they still got married, have children, normal. That is just some kind of expression, only in different light, which might not be acceptable in some sort. So, this is Korea, and not Japan? That is why Heenim shouldn't do that sort? Honey, this is what we call influence. It's just like Rain being influenced of Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake. So, why don't you yell, this is Korea not USA? 

I know this act of him is not acceptable for most of you. It's even disturbing for some. But let me tell you why Heenim did that. This is what being called as FANSERVICE. He did what fans wants to see. Mind you, that is why the crazy pairings and fanfictions are everywhere in the virtual world. Most of what celebrities did are what fans wanted to see, others than ripping clothes and stuff.  Aegyeo, charisma, stuffs like that. Even Jaejoong of TVXQ confessed that he used to be so silent back in debuting days because the company wanted him to be 'ICE PRINCE', the cold charisma character was being set on him. So, they really did what fans wants to see. 

Lastly, I'm not defending this kind of act and I am certainly not happy to see Sungmin being kissed by Heenim (though I found it pretty hot, both seems like a good kisser). But to label these guys gay for doing fanservice which I have known for years are like.....huh?? Come on people, chill! Those are just drama on stage, you don't accuse actors who kissed actress for loving each other in reality right? The same thing applies here. 

So that is all. Petals, Pink Pumpkins, ELFs alike, rest assured. As a Visual Kei fangirl, I just knew our lovely boys are definitely NOT GAY. Don't believe what those antis are saying. We still had the chance to marry them *fangirls mode:on*

Shall we watch the fancam again? This time, with more calms in mind:- ^^

**Pics credits to: as tagged +  baidu + soompi + gorgeous18
**Vidz credits to: pri3an@yt


Hahahaha!! I just saw this one and really needs to share~~~ XD

Infinity challenge does it again! This time, they're doing Big Bang parody. Thus calling themselves.....BIG BAG!!!! ROFL

As a self-proclaimed VIP, I'm not offended at all seeing this performance and brief MV. When the gagmen do your things, meaning is you're KNOW...WELL KNOWN!!! LOL

Here is the long awaited portion of Infinty Challenge. After the rise of wailings from fans about their delayed performance back in christmas day 2008, it is worth waiting for this one. Oh, and did I told you that I am Park Myung Soo's fan? He is my fav gagster!!! ^^

MC Yoo made imitation of TOP,Myung Soo as Jiyoung,Jong Hyung Don (Daesung),Noh Hongchul (Seungri),and Junjin (Taeyoung).

Jess' YG World

Taegoon: From My Point of view

Who is Taegoon?

Taegoon is a solo artist who just debuted recently, gambling along with his song, 'Call Me'.  Being known as a good friend to Hero Jaejoong from TVXQ, Taegoon steps into the showbiz with RnB style which you can see a resemblance of Se7en and Bi Rain from it.  

Though people said he is not something worth to pay attention on, I doubt it.  For all Kkot Minnam Huntress out there, please lay your eyes on this soloist because as for me, I think he is hot. One point to give your love to. Next, his dance moves are killers. His MV and live show just makes you wanna do that moves too. You might want to compare him with Rain and Se7en, but you can see that Taegoon is Taegoon. He got all the potential to become a big name soon. I really wish he could get his own attitude after hitting the lime light using a big name like Jaejoong for his promotional.

Don't be so harsh on the debuting artists, I guess Taegoon got his things only need a little work to have his own specialties touch there. He got skills, he got looks, and I will wait for him to serenades with a powerful voice. Or else, meh....I guess I have to look away. 

So, this is Taegoon's MV. Enjoy

Check out his live performance:-

Tracks in his album:
1) Intro
2) Call Me
3) One Two Step
4) My Girl
5) I Understand You (feat. H. Eugene)
6) Hands Up
**vidz credits to: JKaddictedMV@YouTube and elaisfangirl@YouTube

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saengil Chuka Hamnida!! NO.1 RACOON!! XD

Happy Birthday Oppa~~ 

I hope you can have much better health and will shine even more in this year.

I will see you more with Super Junior in 2009 :)

And I really hope oppa could make it to come for Super Show in Malaysia~~

Majestic Heaven

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Something I learn about myself

Annyeong~ another day as industrial trainee.

When there is something to do, it's good to keep being focused on it, but if there is nothing left, I'd be doomed to B-O-R-I-N-G-N-E-S-S

Today, my supervisor is taking a day off, so here I am, doing nothing. Thank god I assist my fellow colleague (an industrial trainee too ;) in doing her job. So I kept myself alive :P

Went back home with my dad, he sounds tired. While on the way back, he kept saying the hardwork he had to do. I just listen, like an obedient child. I know, we're awkward, and he didn't know what to say. 

Than, when he was dropping me home (he got a meeting with fellow friends at 'mamak'), he said something that clarifies everything about our weird father-daughter relationship.  

He was taking this meta-physic tests, and he finds out that he is a person who can brings sunshine to people, as much as he wants.  He is the light that can brings darkness to brightness. Overall, he is a good element that can make a big impact in people's life, which is something I can't deny. 

One bad thing that comes with the good is, if he fails to bring sunshine, he can't hide the gloominess. Especially to his spouse and children. The miserables would fall right to them and easily noticed by them. 

And he admitted, that all his anger and negative power had been appointed to me. Most of the time. Of all people in the family, I am the one who is the grail of his negativity. He felt sorry for me, but what can I do?

If I was destined to be the absorber of negativity, than I should do. 

Because when he reads my meta-physic tests (he made one for me because he felt that I'm a victim lol), I am good at absorbing all the negative aura around the space which I steps in, and change it to somekind of positive aura. I am the brightness who processed darkness. Damn. That sucks. 

Oh, well. So? Is that why we're so awkward now, and be so close years ago? Mehh...I don't really believe those tests. I am the holder of my own future and life. I will be what I think I will be. Screw the tests. I am me. The one and only. 

I just needs time to prove to you, papa, that I am worth born with your traits in me. In fact, I am you in all sort of ways. Just younger, and within another gender. 

I got two of items in my wishlist striked. Just bought them today. Still got time to shopping, I can't believe myself. LOL!

That's all. I really love Sungmin. What happen to me....*knocks self*

Norfolk Pine 

**pic credits to

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Layout

I disgracely digs out a new layout for my blog at :P

Thanks to (see credits site where I named 'I Love You Oh Thank You')

Three days left for the ELF Valentine's Project. Have you submit yours?

Click here for more info:-

Short post, got headache.

Pumpkin Healerzz (new nick ^^)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009



To all Lee Sungmin's Fans, which is also known as Pink Pumpkins, here is the place for you to spazz about him

So let's all unite here to show some support for him internationally ^^ Thanks to Asminnt for making it possible (also owner for SarangSJ :D)

His Pink Pumpkin
Heaven a.k.a Miss Healerzz

**pic credits to I don't remember where did I took that from ^^;

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Tracklisting :President

Tear It Up
All Around My World feat. terrytyelee
Do it, Duit
Mengapa Harus Kita Bercinta? feat. Hady Mirza
Call Me
Get It Done feat. KRS-One
Bersamamu feat. Joeniar Arief
Complicated feat. Hady Mirza
Bergerak feat. Phlowtron
Out Of This World feat. Jin
Do It Big feat. Thaitanium

Distributed by Warner Music Malaysia.
Price : RM30

I love Too Phat. And I really want this album!!! 

**credits to:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Me in early 2009

Lovely Sungmin's pic from his recent Cyworld entry

Annyeong~ It's been a while.......hohoho~ It's not that I dun have time, it's just that I use the time to do something else. 

Let's see, I've started my days as industrial trainer and one of the moderators in the MY-SMTOWN this week. Talking about debuting, hehehe~

It's great, at least in the office I got work to do. And sometimes I curik tulang also, go to MY-SMTOWN and my favorite blogs to see any updates. LOL!

Night, chitchatting with Pleaides and updating the news while communicating with the other members in MY-SMTOWN had been my good routine every nite. And to tell you the truth, my diet plan is killing me softly~~ T_T It better pays me off!!!

Oh, SNSD released their new song, Gee. It's a really catchy song and the MV is oh, so, cute!!! Though I prefer Minho to have more actions, like Donghae did in their previos MV~~ Oh well.... 

DBSK released Mirotic album Chinese version, the admin of my forum said the lyrics are....well, PG-rated. LOL!!!  

Seungri's Strong Baby live is.........what do I say? Weird? He tried to be sexy but....I think the performance to impress? I like him better with cute and charisma. Really....that is my opinion only, dun kill me! 

As for the ELF Valentine's Day project that I'm currently focusing on, there is no progress yet. I think I should spice up with my own pic. LOL This monster's look would haunt them~~ Aigoo.... 

Anyway, my previous club in varsity is going to held their AGM and I am going to give speech via phone. How cool is that?? XD So now I'm preparing the short n sweet speech from the super senior to the hobaes I have never met :P 

Think that's all. Don't forget to donate for Palestine. No matter who you are, you must have heart and to abandon those wailings of victims are just plain CRUEL. Do it here:-

Love Peace
Miss Healerzz
**pic credits to ilovejr@superduperlove

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SJ Valentine's Day+Smoochie Heenim and Sungmin!!

Anyeong people~ 

Okay, regarding on the title, here is the project lead by  It's for the Valentine's Day and they need you to post up your piccies showing SJ thingy in the pic. 

Click here for more details:-

I hope you guys would participate^^ Who noes any of the hwangjas think that you're his type LOL! Chances, still need to be grabbed right? So, make the move now you girls!!!

The due date is going to be 17 January 2009, so better palli with this!!! XD

So, I browse around to look for SuShow Encore fancams. I found this one, Heenim is singing 'Crazy' with Sungmin and Jungmo the guitarist while Siwon on the drums.  BAHHH!!! FANSERVICE!!!

I know people are going crazy over this HeenimXJungmo smooching scene, but as a proud Pink Pumpkin (Sungmin's fans self-endorsed :P), I was dead when I saw Sungmin oppa doing that look in his eyes. Damn smexy~ I swear I screamed like mad when I saw him being.....OH. SO. SEDUCTIVE! 

Heenim himself is such provocative dork!! I bet petals gone totally wild watching him singing the song. Though I love 'Pink Spider' better ^^ Oh, yes. Both Jungmo and Heenim made such a great tease there~ they're not actually kissing, at least Jungmo said so :P

Here is the vid:-

(I died at 1:52!! OMG!! MINNIEE!!)

Alrite~ time for me to sleep~ Tomorrow is going to be a long day of work~ Ta!

Sarang Sarang Hey!
Majestic Heaven

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Me and Super Show Encore :P

Tease~ baby, tease~XD


I'm going to start the next monday onwards as new person. 

1st, I'm going to start my industrial trainee days. Since I'm not really a quick-witted person, I hope the employer would spare me a bit. 

2nd, I am now officially My-SMTown Global Moderator!!! LOL I felt really honored to see my name is changing from pink to green. I hope I can be a good mod there and get to noe each members better^^

3rd, I'm going to dig gold, I mean, money. It means that I'm going to work. 2009, needs me to stay alert wif my money!! I can't rely alone with my varsity loan. Active fangirling needs me to stay wealthy LOL

4th, I'm going to join humanitarian organisation very soon. Now, I'm collecting donation :)

It sounds like I'm going to be a busy person both day and night. But I hope it's not as hectic as I imagined. 

Super Show Encore just done in S. Korea. Hows our hwangjas doing? Someone new had flashed off some more skin! Who? SHINee are there too. What are they doing? Get to know it from my So Hot links! I highly recommends MY-SMTown and Gorgeous 18 for the updates. 

Try digging the piccies at Super Duper Love. For Sungmin lovers (I might call you guys Pink Pumpkin XD), go to SJ-Lover for special treats :3

That's all. Have to sleep early (1 AM is early to me) for the 1st day.

Majestic Heaven 

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let's Pray For The Peace

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I was looking for the best pic of DBSK for the petition when I heard the outrages in Palestine news. I stopped looking and start watching the news.

I am not a good person, but my heart scratched and pained to see the suffering people, coated with bloods and some just wails out their heart for losing their loved ones. I hold back tears when I see young girls, crying and shouting hopelessly, frightened and unsure of what happened
 around them. 

Here I am, fangirling and there are so many girls out there couldn't get the same chance to enjoy the same leisure I did. My heart goes totally out for them. 

The girls should stay healthy and happy, and girls like me should be their 'unni' and make friends. Shopping, studying, fangirling and all the girls stuff. But they are suffering for things that are not even their faults. 

Though I couldn't do much, but I would try to tell people to pray for the peace. I would try to involve myself to keep as much girls happy and do what girls should do. It's kind of ridiculous, but I think every girls should have their sweet time, fangirling. This is a frail hope of one fangirl to all girls in the world. 

I wish for peace. I hope you do too. Please pray for the peace and saves the innocent souls from being killed. 

Praying for Peace
Norfolk Pine

p/s: If you want to have more knowledge on this Palestinian issues, get the ideas from a book called 'From Beirut To Jerusalem' written by Dr. Ang Swee Chai, a Christian witness of Sabra-Shatilla massacre for non-prejudice view on the issues. 


Attention all Malaysia Cassiopeia,

First of all, as we all knew that our beloved TVXQ will kick off their 3rd “Mirotic” concert tour on February 2009 and unfortunately Malaysia was not included in the tour…. We knew that lots of Malaysia Cassiopeia is expecting their concert in Malaysia and what we can do now are, we want the boys to knew that Malaysia Cassiopeia are desperate to see them… So, in order to let them know, we will kick off this petition…. What you need to do are as below :

1. Get 1 TVXQ picture. Print it out or develop into a 4R size (all printed or develop picture must be in 4R size. No other size are allow.) PLEASE TAKE NOTE HERE:

We need 4 copies of the pictures now with your messages and name behind the pictures. These 4 copies will be use for the propose (Please note that all 4 copies must be the same contents as what you wrote on each pictures) :

i. One copy for the TVXQ boys.

ii. One copy for sponsor.

iii. One copy for Korea recording company.

iv. One copy for Malaysia recording company.

* Not to worry all, we will try our best as one of the incharge person has been contacted with one of the event company in Malaysia and we will try our best to bring the boys over to Malaysia.

 2. Write your message and name behind the picture. (Please bare in mind that the message MUST be about the Malaysia concert. Keep it short and meaningful your message.) All messages should be written in either : Korean, English and Japanese ONLY.

3. Please LAMINATE the picture before sending to us.

4. Please Email or MSN us at : in order to get our mailing address to send the picture to us by post.

5. Please include RM1.00 to us for processing fees for combine all the pictures that we collected to compile into a booklet.

6. After we compile all Malaysia Cassiopeia petition, we will pass this book to TVXQ during SM Town Concert in Thailand… We have a friend who able to meet them and pass this booklet by hand. 

7. Although we can’t promise 100% it will be successful but at least we tried our effort to let TVXQ knows we really want them to come Malaysia for concert. 

* So, to make this a very successful, we need lots of Malaysia Cassiopeia supports. Please take your action now. 

** Dateline to post over the picture to us is before : 12th January 2009…. We know it’s a bit rush but we have to collect all your message card and compile into a book and pass over to our friend to help us to pass to TVXQ by hand. All late entries will NOT be entertain….

*** Currently forums, website and fans blog who’re helping to promote this petition are : Baidu, mytvxqzone, Purple Gas, TVXQPrince, 7 Minutes In Fandom Heaven, Shine Collection, Usagilicious, crunchyroll …. If anyone of you is helping us to spread this piece of information to your TVXQ forum, website or fans blog… Please contact us… We will be much appreciate to know who’re helping us =)

**If you have any inquiries, please e-mail as well.

C/O Kelly and Yui

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Babo=Me (?)

Everyone was born different. Though there some sayings that there are at least 7 people looks alike, but they're never identical. 

That makes us all unique.

And it depends to see which part you did best and which part you did worst.

Everyone had their own minds and feelings. 

That is why God created 'respect'. It is used to harmonize people around. Traited or not. Related or not.

You don't have to be surprised if suicidal occurs if that act disappears from you. Because people are different, they had different thoughts. 

We, might never understand. Even the person might not understand theirselves.

This is not the first time. If it goes for the third time, I'm definitely sure I am what they're telling me. 

Blame me for being born with the wrong genes.

I am just going to walk this life until I find the truth about myself. 

Though it cuts hurt inside, I am the princess who you might not see crying. But laughing instead. 

Egocentric. That is me. 

Approach me if you like. Leave me if you don't like.

I am stupid. But not that stupid.

I am just genius at some part you just don't know.

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Song: Heaven by FT Island

Stupid and left out
Majestic Heaven

Thursday, January 1, 2009


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saENgil cHUkahamniDa....
saENgil cHUkahamniDa....
saRAnghanun Sungmin Oppa...
saENgil cHUkahamniDa....

Happy Birthday Sungmin Oppa~ May this birthday brings your wishes closer to you and I hope you can be a year older and much greater as you're known always. ^^

I love you so much, and I will keep on loving you until you're sick of my love~ Haha!

Again, I wish that you could have more success, more satisfactions, more health and more love.

*hides behind tree, blushing*

With all my hearts,
Majestic Heaven

**Pic credits to SarangSJ