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At The Verge of Turning 21.....

"Saengil Chuka Hamnida, honey. Make a wish~"

*Wakes up from dreaming*

Aisshh.......*regrets to wake up*

Shortly, I will turn 21.

I must say, I had so many things and chances that I let go without giving a shot.

Now I am going to take every opportunity if it comes for me.

That should includes meeting Super Junior and study abroad XD

I had always been the stupid hobae, strict sunbae, random friend, caring noona and a loving unni. I wish I could always stands at that position forever to you guys ^^

There are so many new things ahead that I would like to discover. So many people to meet, so many places to go. 

Right now, I just want to tell myself to be who I always be, and be what I want to be. 

I am well blessed to have known all of you, and I wish we could get along well forever and ever. 

One prayer before I turn to the big 2 and 1.....

........please get rid of all the wrong guys I would meet in the future, I rather be lonely than to meet the wrong person. Those hurtness should come once only.....please, dear God.

I want to marry Lee Sung Min please...... 

To the 21st Norfy@Heaven@Healerzz,

Just go even if the obstacles are too high, you've got to be strong when you had get over it :)

Few minutes to go......

Goodbye 20th....

.....ANYEONG 21ST!!!!!



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