Friday, January 2, 2009

Babo=Me (?)

Everyone was born different. Though there some sayings that there are at least 7 people looks alike, but they're never identical. 

That makes us all unique.

And it depends to see which part you did best and which part you did worst.

Everyone had their own minds and feelings. 

That is why God created 'respect'. It is used to harmonize people around. Traited or not. Related or not.

You don't have to be surprised if suicidal occurs if that act disappears from you. Because people are different, they had different thoughts. 

We, might never understand. Even the person might not understand theirselves.

This is not the first time. If it goes for the third time, I'm definitely sure I am what they're telling me. 

Blame me for being born with the wrong genes.

I am just going to walk this life until I find the truth about myself. 

Though it cuts hurt inside, I am the princess who you might not see crying. But laughing instead. 

Egocentric. That is me. 

Approach me if you like. Leave me if you don't like.

I am stupid. But not that stupid.

I am just genius at some part you just don't know.

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Song: Heaven by FT Island

Stupid and left out
Majestic Heaven

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