Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Borderline Of Being a Fangirl and a Fashionista

"You're my first NORMAL love, and I can't keep you out of my mind..."

For more than half of my life, I had been a fangirl. 

1993 is the year I was 5, and I'm so in love with Michael Jackson. 

1996 when I was in standard two, I'm into Backstreet Boys.

2000 I changed to Hideaki Takizawa's fangirl, but the love between us doesn't last long~

2002 I'm back with Michael Jackson

2004 Wufei of Gundam Wing and Kakashi of Naruto's fangirl

2005 Gackt Camui caught my attention, it was love at the first heard. His first song, Mizerable made me be his fangirl (and still am ^^).

Mid 2008 I'm officially in love with Super Junior. It spreads to SHINee, DBSK, Big Bang, FTIsland, Wonder Girls..........

See? I have spent so much money, creativity and time being a fangirl. When I mention 'fangirl', it means DEEP. I have gone all out for it!! My family thinks I need to get a life. Really....I'm normal....I got good grades, I do club activities, I have circles of friends, I have ups and downs. So, yeah! AM NORMAL! 

But i'm not being a fangirl only. 

I just discovered how I am so in love being a female~ and I discovered how fun is it doing female stuff. Shopping, dresses, mixing and matching, color blending, make-ups, those things. Ahhh.... I learnt to love myself a lot since I 
stepped in Terengganu. 

And to satisfy being both fangirl and fashionista, is none other than CASH.

Sometimes......I am so torn in choosing between being these two..... T_T 

I love Super Junior so much......but those hair saloon's discount are so irresistable~ MIANHAE OPPA!!! I chose my hair over your Super Show's DVD.......

The only key for me to do both is to have more money.

To have more money means I do have to work.

And when I work, mehh.....I got tired........

Ah~ really. Being fangirl and fashionista is really not easy..........

I posted up Son Dam Bi's pic because I found my love on her. And that picture of Sungmin...well, I love him. 


**Sungmin pic credits to SarangSJ
**Dam Bi's pic was taken.....I dun remember ^^;

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