Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Am So Above You

"I know I'm just too good for you,"

It's been a while since I left college.

I heard about him from a good friend of mine. Haven't heard of him much since we parted.

Seems like he enjoys the newly found life. With my friend. Seems like they're very dear to each other.

Good for them. Though I'm still bruised because of what they've done to me.

But one thing that cracked me realy hard, is that he is fooling himself of being in public.

Really, he is not good enough for anything as public as that. And I heard that he looks freaking stupid. Oh, I told him before, but he is too full of himself.

He is good at this one. Loving himself just too much, and found himself stupid after ward. What a good thing? Hahahaha~

You really are nothing without me. You must have been regretting to even hurt me in the past.

I am so above you. Hope you can digest that thing well now. Ahahahahahah~~~

Oh, life couldn't get better.

And yes. You just can't fight a PRINCESS. And you are just a boy. Yes you are.

Princess Healerzz

** pic credits as tagged + My-SMTown

p/s: Really, I felt like Heenim today because of this post

Note: Purple lines (sounds familiar, hehehe) are edited posts, since most of you thought I was talking about Heenim. No lah honey bunches......

Seriously, Heenim is far more better than the person I'm talking about ;)

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