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Let's Pray For The Peace

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I was looking for the best pic of DBSK for the petition when I heard the outrages in Palestine news. I stopped looking and start watching the news.

I am not a good person, but my heart scratched and pained to see the suffering people, coated with bloods and some just wails out their heart for losing their loved ones. I hold back tears when I see young girls, crying and shouting hopelessly, frightened and unsure of what happened
 around them. 

Here I am, fangirling and there are so many girls out there couldn't get the same chance to enjoy the same leisure I did. My heart goes totally out for them. 

The girls should stay healthy and happy, and girls like me should be their 'unni' and make friends. Shopping, studying, fangirling and all the girls stuff. But they are suffering for things that are not even their faults. 

Though I couldn't do much, but I would try to tell people to pray for the peace. I would try to involve myself to keep as much girls happy and do what girls should do. It's kind of ridiculous, but I think every girls should have their sweet time, fangirling. This is a frail hope of one fangirl to all girls in the world. 

I wish for peace. I hope you do too. Please pray for the peace and saves the innocent souls from being killed. 

Praying for Peace
Norfolk Pine

p/s: If you want to have more knowledge on this Palestinian issues, get the ideas from a book called 'From Beirut To Jerusalem' written by Dr. Ang Swee Chai, a Christian witness of Sabra-Shatilla massacre for non-prejudice view on the issues. 


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