Friday, January 30, 2009


Petition for SJ 3rd Album Malaysia Version

For one and a half year apart from the 2nd Album (Don't Don, SJ is finally going to Come-Back on stage together with their 3rd Album during the month of March this year.

We are sure that all ELFs have been waiting for this moment for a very long time, and expecting new surprises from SJ.

Being noticed or not, there is a special and tender relationship between the 13 members and us.

SJ have never missed out the word "Malaysia" wherever they have their promo tour or Concerts in other countries. This shows that we are always in SJ's heart and mind although we are away from each other for a few thousand miles.

Don't you feel this is a pride of being a Malaysia ELF? Honestly, ELFs who knew about this matter are very proud of it.  

But, all these while, SJ's main albums are only distributed in Korea.

We ordered their albums from Korea which costs us extra pennies due to foreign currency exchange and courier charges. SM Entertainment & Warner Music are unable to review the actual market demand for SJ's albums in Malaysia. This is because what we bought from Korea has increased the album sales in Korea market only, and this has covered the existing demand amount from Malaysia fans.

3rd album will be released 2 months later.  

It is time for Malaysia ELFs to stand up and show SM Entertainment & Warner Music about our existence. Let us work together and shout-out to this music industry: "We are here! And we are the great supporters of SJ!" Hence MYSJ ( is working an alliance with all Malaysia ELF fans-site on this mega-project - (Petition for SJ 3rd Album Malaysia Version). 

We will bring this petition and all responses to Warner Music.

We want to prove to both SM Entertainment & Warner Music the great support of Malaysia fans to SJ, and this will definitely allow them to generate new and broader market demand.

If this petition has great response, we will try our very best to propose to SM Entertainment & Warner Music to bring SJ to Malaysia for album promo tour or showcase.

This is our fundamental and preliminary plan; whether this miracle can be happened or not, we need your enormous and full support, in all aspect, on this project.

SJ has been mentioning that they wish to visit Malaysia often, but arrangement wise has causes many frontier. Why not we work out and make their wish come true?

Frankly, we missed the 13 members a lot and we believe the same forlorn goes to 13 of them too.

As an ELF, we must do something and put in great effort to gain this opportunity.

Let us unite and work hand-in-hand to make this miracle in-real.

Dateline Deadline: January 31, 2009 FEBRUARY 2ND, 2009


Kindly email your petition to

Subject title: Petition for SJ 3rd Album Malaysia Version


Full name as in NRIC:

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This petition has been hosted in MYSJ ( If you have done this petition in MYSJ, please do not send your statement again to avoid any duplication of information.

Your cooperation to the above is much appreciated and thank you in advance.

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