Thursday, January 29, 2009

Me and Nadia's Bad Deeds LOL

"Ohhh~ girls just wanna have funn~~"


Since me and Nadia is still in festive mood, we're kind of 'I need mandarin oranges....' in doing our routines in the office. Aishh....we're not a permanent employee anyway, but still, we followed the disciplines like real office lady.  

I was having this problem with MUET registration, and I decided to take a half day to settle all the craps there. Nadia frowned when I told her I'm not going to be around for the afternoon half. I was calling the cab for reservation since I don't get my license yet and my dad is too busy to entertain my princess needs. A bulb appeared between us. 

Nadia applied for a half day too, saying that she is going to register MUET together with me which is actually....completely hehehe....LIES!!! 

Nadia had succesfully gets her MUET of Band 3 and she is exactly not taking another go of it. and her was like...

Okay, I'm going to back you off if boss is going to ask you many questions.

Cool, than I can give you a hitch, let's get out of this office. But you've got to stand the heat, since my car got no air-cond

*stupid giggles*

So we did. And well, even we applied the half day from 2.00 to 5.00, we had done our extra works in the morning. I can't believe it myself that I can do the whole day job in one morning session. That is without coffee breaks and lunch~~ LOL

Really, we're not bad girls. But, we're sooo....dry in the office. Needs some fresh air really. Now I understand the pressure of being office workers...IT IS SOOO BOOORIINNNGGGG~~ Looking at the monitors, managing the data, print, print, print and than arranging files. I DON'T WANT TO LIVE LIKE THIS!!!!!

Me and Nadia decides to get a job which is....well, less to do with office. We're both very adventurous and to imprisoned us in one jar is not a good idea. Two brains could make a hole out of it. Hohohohohoho~~

And, yeah. I'm not lying, I did went to get my SPM certificate (which was abandoned like 4 years LOL) to smoothen my MUET business. But I called the Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah and they told me that I don't need to come.

What the.....

....I've applied the half-day out already.....

...and I got Nadia who was willing to help me.....

And so we decides to get the certificate and go eat somewhere far from the office. LOL!!! Both of us enjoys eating so much but Nadia is always leaving some bits because she can't eat more than what she had sets her mind to :P

And today, is the day I enjoyed my stay as industrial trainee the most. We talk a lot about our future, and how we don't want to be in the office 9-5 LOL!!

When I get back home, got the news of Won Bin resigning from FT Island. WHAT???????

Really spoilt my mood tonight.... T.T

Won Bin...what is wrong...tell noona what is wrong......aigoo....

I need his official statement about this.

What A Day

p/s: I'm a good girl, really. Nadia too~~ we promise this would never happen again ^^

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