Monday, January 5, 2009

Me and Super Show Encore :P

Tease~ baby, tease~XD


I'm going to start the next monday onwards as new person. 

1st, I'm going to start my industrial trainee days. Since I'm not really a quick-witted person, I hope the employer would spare me a bit. 

2nd, I am now officially My-SMTown Global Moderator!!! LOL I felt really honored to see my name is changing from pink to green. I hope I can be a good mod there and get to noe each members better^^

3rd, I'm going to dig gold, I mean, money. It means that I'm going to work. 2009, needs me to stay alert wif my money!! I can't rely alone with my varsity loan. Active fangirling needs me to stay wealthy LOL

4th, I'm going to join humanitarian organisation very soon. Now, I'm collecting donation :)

It sounds like I'm going to be a busy person both day and night. But I hope it's not as hectic as I imagined. 

Super Show Encore just done in S. Korea. Hows our hwangjas doing? Someone new had flashed off some more skin! Who? SHINee are there too. What are they doing? Get to know it from my So Hot links! I highly recommends MY-SMTown and Gorgeous 18 for the updates. 

Try digging the piccies at Super Duper Love. For Sungmin lovers (I might call you guys Pink Pumpkin XD), go to SJ-Lover for special treats :3

That's all. Have to sleep early (1 AM is early to me) for the 1st day.

Majestic Heaven 

**Picture credits to as tagged+SJ Lover+princessheaven.blogspot

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