Saturday, January 10, 2009

Me in early 2009

Lovely Sungmin's pic from his recent Cyworld entry

Annyeong~ It's been a while.......hohoho~ It's not that I dun have time, it's just that I use the time to do something else. 

Let's see, I've started my days as industrial trainer and one of the moderators in the MY-SMTOWN this week. Talking about debuting, hehehe~

It's great, at least in the office I got work to do. And sometimes I curik tulang also, go to MY-SMTOWN and my favorite blogs to see any updates. LOL!

Night, chitchatting with Pleaides and updating the news while communicating with the other members in MY-SMTOWN had been my good routine every nite. And to tell you the truth, my diet plan is killing me softly~~ T_T It better pays me off!!!

Oh, SNSD released their new song, Gee. It's a really catchy song and the MV is oh, so, cute!!! Though I prefer Minho to have more actions, like Donghae did in their previos MV~~ Oh well.... 

DBSK released Mirotic album Chinese version, the admin of my forum said the lyrics are....well, PG-rated. LOL!!!  

Seungri's Strong Baby live is.........what do I say? Weird? He tried to be sexy but....I think the performance to impress? I like him better with cute and charisma. Really....that is my opinion only, dun kill me! 

As for the ELF Valentine's Day project that I'm currently focusing on, there is no progress yet. I think I should spice up with my own pic. LOL This monster's look would haunt them~~ Aigoo.... 

Anyway, my previous club in varsity is going to held their AGM and I am going to give speech via phone. How cool is that?? XD So now I'm preparing the short n sweet speech from the super senior to the hobaes I have never met :P 

Think that's all. Don't forget to donate for Palestine. No matter who you are, you must have heart and to abandon those wailings of victims are just plain CRUEL. Do it here:-

Love Peace
Miss Healerzz
**pic credits to ilovejr@superduperlove

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