Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Of My Favorite Members and SHINee's Charms

Heenim: "Kuci kuci kuci~ My cute dongsaengg :3~~"
Sungmin: "Eh? Hehehe~ My pretty hyung~~"

Junsu: "I think the crazy girl over there is screaming your name"
Sungmin: "I thought she is screaming your name"
Junsu, Sungmin: O_o *runs away*

Ahahahahaha~~ What can I say? My favorite members getting together in one frame...my life is complete..... *sigh a relief sigh*

And I found out about the MBC Star Dance Battle.....aigoo...I'm upset on how SS501 won over Super Junior. I mean, yes. Oh yes, trillion dozens of Yes that SS501 are total smexy, hot,  gosh I just like...my jaw dropped when they do that handkerchief thingy XD 

But Super Junior owns the stage. It's really entertaining, yes really. I mean, look at that tectotronic dance that, I guess, influenced by the Japanese dance team which is named...Uniqlo? I guesssed that is the name ^^; Who can dance pacman dance and do tunak tunak tuna at the same time??? Very entertaining without sensual provoking contents.

But Mulan(MY-SMTOWN) said that there is no official statement of who won. I was thinking, eh? How come PopSeoul, ALL K-POP and other sites are stating that SS501 had won? And I went to Quainte channel in YT, he or she is stating the same thing also. Huh?

Watch the dance of Double S here:
*credits to bumbimjj

And Super Junior's here:-
*credits to sushimadness

And I was going nuts when I've seen one gif of Taemin (SHINee) flipping his hair with fiery background doing live performance. I was screaming (caps-locking LOL) in MY-SMTOWN for the performance. Thank you so much Myra (MY-SHINee Moderator) for the links and download links :D We both gone crazy about it in the shoutbox. Just thank God I could get it right on time. 

SHINee performed Shinhwa's Wild Eyes in KBS' Music Bank but the performance got cut. I was going crazy for the show when I saw Jonghyun's pic and our member's Tiffany's avvie ^^

This is the pic of Jonghyun:-

"Don't kid around with me noona, you'll melt into nothing"

And this is the performance. Very, very hot. I don't mean to sounds like pedo-dude. But...this is certainly hot. How come these underages can be soo hot..... I guess black could make people goes wooh uh!! Hahahaha~~

*credits to sarsee

I guess that is all the spazz for today. Tomorrow I'm going to settle that MUET problem by my own. Grrr....why those informations are like here and there not the same??? I am so very mad!!

My Energy Wasted But I'm Contented

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