Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Open Letter To My Future Husband

Dear hubby

I am sorry that you have to accept me as a fangirl

I laid my eyes to so many guys before I lock my faith to you

I am sorry for the imperfectness of myself that you have to take

Marrying me, the lifetime fangirl would be a very hard thing for you to accept

I couldn't promise you that my fangirling would stop

But I can promise you to tie my one, and only precious love to you

Only you

Those idols I'm after to are just some fantasy

And you are my reality, my destiny, my lover

My ultimate idol over idols I had in my whole life

Thank you for your rings on my finger

Thank you for even having the idea of making me as your wife

In this middle of fangirling era, I write to you to assures you my loyalties

I love you

From the bottom of my heart
Your Fangirl Wife, 21st January 2009

p/s: I write this for my future husband, in the hope when I get married in future, he will understand my love for idols and for him are different ^^;

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