Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SJ Valentine's Day+Smoochie Heenim and Sungmin!!

Anyeong people~ 

Okay, regarding on the title, here is the project lead by www.sapphirepearls.com.  It's for the Valentine's Day and they need you to post up your piccies showing SJ thingy in the pic. 

Click here for more details:-

I hope you guys would participate^^ Who noes any of the hwangjas think that you're his type LOL! Chances, still need to be grabbed right? So, make the move now you girls!!!

The due date is going to be 17 January 2009, so better palli with this!!! XD

So, I browse around to look for SuShow Encore fancams. I found this one, Heenim is singing 'Crazy' with Sungmin and Jungmo the guitarist while Siwon on the drums.  BAHHH!!! FANSERVICE!!!

I know people are going crazy over this HeenimXJungmo smooching scene, but as a proud Pink Pumpkin (Sungmin's fans self-endorsed :P), I was dead when I saw Sungmin oppa doing that look in his eyes. Damn smexy~ I swear I screamed like mad when I saw him being.....OH. SO. SEDUCTIVE! 

Heenim himself is such provocative dork!! I bet petals gone totally wild watching him singing the song. Though I love 'Pink Spider' better ^^ Oh, yes. Both Jungmo and Heenim made such a great tease there~ they're not actually kissing, at least Jungmo said so :P

Here is the vid:-

(I died at 1:52!! OMG!! MINNIEE!!)

Alrite~ time for me to sleep~ Tomorrow is going to be a long day of work~ Ta!

Sarang Sarang Hey!
Majestic Heaven

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