Thursday, January 15, 2009

Something I learn about myself

Annyeong~ another day as industrial trainee.

When there is something to do, it's good to keep being focused on it, but if there is nothing left, I'd be doomed to B-O-R-I-N-G-N-E-S-S

Today, my supervisor is taking a day off, so here I am, doing nothing. Thank god I assist my fellow colleague (an industrial trainee too ;) in doing her job. So I kept myself alive :P

Went back home with my dad, he sounds tired. While on the way back, he kept saying the hardwork he had to do. I just listen, like an obedient child. I know, we're awkward, and he didn't know what to say. 

Than, when he was dropping me home (he got a meeting with fellow friends at 'mamak'), he said something that clarifies everything about our weird father-daughter relationship.  

He was taking this meta-physic tests, and he finds out that he is a person who can brings sunshine to people, as much as he wants.  He is the light that can brings darkness to brightness. Overall, he is a good element that can make a big impact in people's life, which is something I can't deny. 

One bad thing that comes with the good is, if he fails to bring sunshine, he can't hide the gloominess. Especially to his spouse and children. The miserables would fall right to them and easily noticed by them. 

And he admitted, that all his anger and negative power had been appointed to me. Most of the time. Of all people in the family, I am the one who is the grail of his negativity. He felt sorry for me, but what can I do?

If I was destined to be the absorber of negativity, than I should do. 

Because when he reads my meta-physic tests (he made one for me because he felt that I'm a victim lol), I am good at absorbing all the negative aura around the space which I steps in, and change it to somekind of positive aura. I am the brightness who processed darkness. Damn. That sucks. 

Oh, well. So? Is that why we're so awkward now, and be so close years ago? Mehh...I don't really believe those tests. I am the holder of my own future and life. I will be what I think I will be. Screw the tests. I am me. The one and only. 

I just needs time to prove to you, papa, that I am worth born with your traits in me. In fact, I am you in all sort of ways. Just younger, and within another gender. 

I got two of items in my wishlist striked. Just bought them today. Still got time to shopping, I can't believe myself. LOL!

That's all. I really love Sungmin. What happen to me....*knocks self*

Norfolk Pine 

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