Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super Show at Nanjing: The controversial continues....

"Girls would lovin' me, boys would hatin' me, they will never stop, coz they know we're SO HOT HOT"

Hahahaha~ yorobeun. Have you watch the fancam of Heenim fanservicing Sungmin? Well, for the straight talk, Heenim KISSED Sungmin. Yes he did. And I am one of the fangirls who wouldn't mind. Yes I am. 

Why? Well, let me get you into the J-Rock fandom first. Why? Because from what I have been seeing that, Heenim had his interest on J-Rock, he loves rock for sure. I think he must had one or two Visual Kei's album at home and watch the live show of the Visual Kei's bands. That is where he get all the influence to do this. Oh, you just have to be a fan of visual kei if you want to know what the heck am I talking about. 

I am pretty sure he is not gay. Most of Visual Kei artists did the same thing (and worst, fyi) but they still got married, have children, normal. That is just some kind of expression, only in different light, which might not be acceptable in some sort. So, this is Korea, and not Japan? That is why Heenim shouldn't do that sort? Honey, this is what we call influence. It's just like Rain being influenced of Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake. So, why don't you yell, this is Korea not USA? 

I know this act of him is not acceptable for most of you. It's even disturbing for some. But let me tell you why Heenim did that. This is what being called as FANSERVICE. He did what fans wants to see. Mind you, that is why the crazy pairings and fanfictions are everywhere in the virtual world. Most of what celebrities did are what fans wanted to see, others than ripping clothes and stuff.  Aegyeo, charisma, stuffs like that. Even Jaejoong of TVXQ confessed that he used to be so silent back in debuting days because the company wanted him to be 'ICE PRINCE', the cold charisma character was being set on him. So, they really did what fans wants to see. 

Lastly, I'm not defending this kind of act and I am certainly not happy to see Sungmin being kissed by Heenim (though I found it pretty hot, both seems like a good kisser). But to label these guys gay for doing fanservice which I have known for years are like.....huh?? Come on people, chill! Those are just drama on stage, you don't accuse actors who kissed actress for loving each other in reality right? The same thing applies here. 

So that is all. Petals, Pink Pumpkins, ELFs alike, rest assured. As a Visual Kei fangirl, I just knew our lovely boys are definitely NOT GAY. Don't believe what those antis are saying. We still had the chance to marry them *fangirls mode:on*

Shall we watch the fancam again? This time, with more calms in mind:- ^^

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