Sunday, January 18, 2009

Taegoon: From My Point of view

Who is Taegoon?

Taegoon is a solo artist who just debuted recently, gambling along with his song, 'Call Me'.  Being known as a good friend to Hero Jaejoong from TVXQ, Taegoon steps into the showbiz with RnB style which you can see a resemblance of Se7en and Bi Rain from it.  

Though people said he is not something worth to pay attention on, I doubt it.  For all Kkot Minnam Huntress out there, please lay your eyes on this soloist because as for me, I think he is hot. One point to give your love to. Next, his dance moves are killers. His MV and live show just makes you wanna do that moves too. You might want to compare him with Rain and Se7en, but you can see that Taegoon is Taegoon. He got all the potential to become a big name soon. I really wish he could get his own attitude after hitting the lime light using a big name like Jaejoong for his promotional.

Don't be so harsh on the debuting artists, I guess Taegoon got his things only need a little work to have his own specialties touch there. He got skills, he got looks, and I will wait for him to serenades with a powerful voice. Or else, meh....I guess I have to look away. 

So, this is Taegoon's MV. Enjoy

Check out his live performance:-

Tracks in his album:
1) Intro
2) Call Me
3) One Two Step
4) My Girl
5) I Understand You (feat. H. Eugene)
6) Hands Up
**vidz credits to: JKaddictedMV@YouTube and elaisfangirl@YouTube

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