Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hahahaha!! I just saw this one and really needs to share~~~ XD

Infinity challenge does it again! This time, they're doing Big Bang parody. Thus calling themselves.....BIG BAG!!!! ROFL

As a self-proclaimed VIP, I'm not offended at all seeing this performance and brief MV. When the gagmen do your things, meaning is you're KNOW...WELL KNOWN!!! LOL

Here is the long awaited portion of Infinty Challenge. After the rise of wailings from fans about their delayed performance back in christmas day 2008, it is worth waiting for this one. Oh, and did I told you that I am Park Myung Soo's fan? He is my fav gagster!!! ^^

MC Yoo made imitation of TOP,Myung Soo as Jiyoung,Jong Hyung Don (Daesung),Noh Hongchul (Seungri),and Junjin (Taeyoung).

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