Friday, February 20, 2009

Scribbles, since I'm not focused on anything~

MY-SMTown had done the first forum's project, The Secret Cupid, featuring Nukimiaka as the Heaven's Postman Messenger. I was late!!! Yesterday, finally I get my pressie sends to Chris (mianh Chris!!!) was relieving...huh

I got my pressie also, from Hanis. Hahhahaha! The card is being hung at my office cubicle~ I love to be reminded as my virtual self at the office. Oh! And P-
sshi got me a pair of dolphins plushie!!! XD  They're like placed in the shoe box and I was..O.o what is this? When I pull out the pink and blue balls, aaaawwwww~~~ it's actually DOLPHINES!!!  AAAA!!! I love them so much! Thanks P-sshii!! I mean, she told me before what she gonna give, but I dun expect two dolphines!!  

P-sshii named the blue one Casey, Momo and the pink one Apple, Johnny Dorama, Apple. I can't help but to be reminded of PARK MYUNG SOO when the word 'apple' mentioned!!! LOL!!

I was giving the thoughts to have SoShi (pink dolphine) and SuJu (blue dolphine) to be seated at my office cubicle. But P-sshi was going against it. I think, ok la. No. 

Actually, dolphine is referring to Junsu. And pumpkin is referring to Sungmin. I got the pumpkin earlier, but I want a bigger one XD 

Ehm...anyway, I'm selling my Darius. And I think I'm going to sell my Lee Teuk (Nokia N73) also......

Joined Sapphire Sea new forum. With Jorene! Ahahhaa~ think both of us was fated to stick around as ELF :P I remember the first time I chatted with her in MY-SMTown c-box, as if la both of us had known each other. Talking like old buds. Hahaha~ nice to know ya Jorene ^^ I'll spam to your c-box whenever I can hehehhe~

Updates on SJ. The concept was rumored to be.......*drums beat*



And I was like praying so hard: Please not like Mirotic's concept, please not like Mirotic's concept, pity our Wookie, pity our Wookie~

But it's just some kind of rumors. Some said, the smexy might be misinterpreted from 'mature' concept. Mature? I wonder.....This pic might looks mature. Not smexy to me~

What do you guys think? Oh tell in the c-box.

I think I should stop spazzing now. I'm trying to get back my collections of SJ piccies. And I'm sleepy......

See ya!

**SJ pic credits to 13eyond Your Imagination + asminnt@sarangsj

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