Sunday, February 15, 2009

Handkerchives could make wonderssssss

I was chatting in the shoutbox at MY-SMTown when one of our members gave us the link to Stephanie's (CSJH) dance vid. It was great and I was distracted to one vid, CSJH vs. SS501 Dance Battle back in 2005. So I go watch it.

OHMONA!!! OHMONA!!!! I spotted familiarities!!!!!!


So the result of the 2005, SS501 vs. CSJH (winner). 
*credits to tasume@YT

And 2009, SS501(winner) vs. Super Junior.
*credits to Ryukuo62187

To think that both battle involved SS501, I was thinking if they had this idea referring to CSJH, using smexy, hotness, to win over with a little twist of namja way. I wonder too, if viewers in Korea really love Handkerchief dance? Hmm? Or was it handkerchief is one symbol of good luck? LOL

Speaking of coincidences......*wink*

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