Sunday, February 8, 2009

Here Hee goes againnnn~~

SMTown Live In Bangkok~ ahahaha~~ yes, what do I expect? Heenim's performance of course!!! XD

I thought he is going to sing Pink Spider, but it turns out he sang Crazy. And his hair looks great there *wink*

This time, as reported in sapphirepearls, SIWON is his victim!!!

Here is the vid.

vidz credits to sapphirepearls + thantida@YT

And I would want to suggest that you dun have to watch it if you dun have any idea what fanservice is. Yes, you don't have to. And you don't have to bash next. So, fangirls like me won't be explaining and go mad about your bashing. Isn't that simple? But if you still wanna watch, at your own risk ya? Warn you, you choose to get yourself into the hassle. 

Of course I'm going to drool over some Sungmin! In the press con, where I digs a lot of his pics (THANK YOU SO MUCH TO WONDERFUL QUEEN PUMPKIN ASMINNT), I found one, very adorable pic. 

Ahahahah~~ that face is painfully adorable!! XD 

But actually, I was looking at the arms. Omoooo.....since when my Sungmin had become soo god-damn buff? I mean, I do realized he looks buff in SuShow before. And he is not skinny, not a plump either. He do I put this? Just nice. be in that arms.....

What am I doing???? Okay, back to the Bangkok updates. SJ bias here~ but I advise you to go to saphhire pearls and gorgeous 18 for more updates :3

I will be taking my driving lesson tomorrow. So chillax dudes~ Monday is another break!! XD

Loving Sungmin Right Now

---------------------------------edit at 3:00 P.M. Malaysian Time-------------------------
Some piccies that hi-lited Bangkok's SMTown concert 2009

Opening by our Dong Bang Boys, serenading HUG

The lovely views, CassiELF :3 (ultimate cousin!)

SHINee chose to sing Replay (I personally wanna ditch dat outfits!!)

Sunny replaces Lina CSJH for the duet with Jaejoong
I'm not a perv!! But I can't find a decent pic of SJ's performance!! ><

KyuMin <3
Heenim is Michyeoo~~

Minnie Onew (recently goes awww on him) and Jonghyun with simba hair

Just because I love Junsu :P

Yunho got his birthday bash!! XD

You can read more of the fan's experinces about the SMTown Concert here
or simply sign up at our forum : MY-SMTown forum for a compiled updates~~

So that is it I think. I will find more pics on SJ performance to get rid of that one I just posted. Or you guys might wanna call me 'pervie' or something like that. Haiiihhh~

*pi c credits to as tagged + lolichael@ssf + soompi + HeroBaidu + TVXQbaidu + DBSKnights + baidu + siamzone + gorgeous18

Bored and still excited
-----------------------------Edit again at 12.45 Malaysian Time--------------------------
Okay, I've read somewhere that Henry and Zhoumi attended dis concert. And the reporter said, Mimi smiled very INCONFIDENTLY!! 

Poor Mimi~~ Guess he was scarred so bad by the ONLY 13 supporter. I mean, the EXTREME supporters!! My heart goes out to him......

Thank God that the reporter said, she screamed her lungs out for Mimi, to encourage him :3 Very nice of you!!! 

Henry and Mimi. FIGHTING!!! 

Love ELF + Flawless

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