Monday, February 16, 2009

I think these guys are hot.....

I watched SS501 performances..... U R Man. Hahaha~ I love that song very much. How a man tells a girl he can be her ultimate namja. Hmm...I think I like that~

So, I think Kyu Jong catched my eyes while I watched Star Golden Bell. Ohhh...isn't this the guy who danced at the middle in the last battle? He is FINNEEE.......


Automatically, the guy with nice smile at his back attracted me. Ohmona...I go crazy in the net, looking for who is that guy with pearly-white teeth. LOL!! Yep peeps, I think I like Kim Hyung Jun. And to get to know this guy, is a main vocal and a rapper in SS501, whoa..... 


This is not the first time I went over for rap-type in a group. In Super Nova (Cho Shin Sung), I drooled over Geon-Il. I was like: OH MY GOD!! WHO RAPS THIS PART!!! HE IS SO KILLING ME!!! I LOVE HIM!!! While I'm
 listening to 'Super Star'. I mean, there are few other rappers in the group, but I fell for his part in that song. Lucky Geon-Il to have my love. LOL!!

In Big Bang, G-Dragon is my FAV. Hey, he is a rapper too. And his skills at writing raps are outstanding! Uhmm....Xiah is not a rapper. But he got very swanky, smokin' dance moves! Plus that lovely RnB+Soulful voice.....And uhh......well. In SHINee, I love Onew Jonghyun, who apparently got very, HAWT voice. BAHHH!!! I don't understand why I kept saying ONEW instead of JONGHYUN!!!! Some says it was Onew-ache. So am I having this ache now??? Uhh.....Okay, in FTI, Hongki topped the other FTI boys in my list. I don't know? The boy's voice are too big for his age? Ahahhaa~~ but I love it~ his face reminds me a lot to my ex. *sigh*Yoobin, is the smexy rapper in Wonder Girls.  Not to mention the best dancer in SNSD, Hyoyeon, is in my list. I admitted that she is one fine dancer when I watched 'Into The New World's' MV.

I think I got the hots on rapping, dancing, RnB typed voice~

Peeps: Hey wait. What about Sungmin? 

Me: Sungmin? Huh? Sungmin?


Oh, hey. He dance well what?? He can surely pop, lock, and do this moves (see at 1:45 to 1:55) :- 

credits: sujushinee2am@YT

Oh. Than I think he is my only Fav member with cuteness as his ability. And to think that this one member of SJ who top my top favorite members list, only by using his cuteness and Japanese-speaking He is great!! Congrats Sungmin, you pawned all of them by using your cuteness. *Sigh* I'm a sucker for your aegyeo..... You should spare me a bit......

Rasa Sarang HEY!

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