Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Korean Horse Birthday!!

Siwon:"Oh yeah, you love me first don't you? You wish me early in the morning,"
Me:"..............Coincidence =.=;"

Happy Birthday to our favorite Korean Horse perfect gentleman in Super Junior, Choi Siwon!!

It looks like you've grown and build another character in Super Junior-M~ You're more talkative now, and that is good.

I think the kiss you got from Heenim must be infectious since Heenim oppa is not feeling well actually? I hope you had gargle some mouthwash ^^ Oh, I also hope that you will recover fast from your injury.....be careful and do take care of yourself ya oppa?

Stay healthy and be happy always opppa. Always looking forward for your work and FIGHTING for the 3rd Jib!! :3


p/s: Though I dun fancy Siwon much (he is my least favorite!) but I've got to say that this one member is rich with talents. I'm just gonna sitback and see what he will do next *wink* And yeah....he is a true hwangja out of the 13+2 hwangjas.....

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