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Let's Discuss This Official gifs!!!

I know this is kind of old. But hey! Don't blame me. I am a very new ELF and a new fan of Hallyu wave too. I was introduced to Super Junior like Mid Feb and fell in love officially in June 2008. So yeah, aneyohaseyo sunbaenims around the corner.

So, I just discovered the Super Junior's official gifs. I guessed most of it were influenced from Attack on The Pin Up Boys movie? Or was it supposed to promote the movie itself? Oh, never mind. But let's take a look on the hwangjas' personality they're trying to hi-light in the gifs. 

I'll start with the eldest and go down ward to the maknae :D

1)Lee Teuk-shii :3
Lee Teuk-sshi reaction, hahah! Suits him well, to think that he is easily touched and cries a lot. Hehehe~ though SJ said Wookie is the cry baby as well as Eunhyuk, Teuk-sshi is the one who always cries in the public~ Sensitive leader-sshii, used to win my heart for three days. LOL!   

Heenim is the ulzzang in the group, like it or not. And the reason of flowers blooming at the back is to enhance beauty, and I guess that rocking attitude should describe on how keen he is on that type of music. And yeah, that red pants goes with his outrageous act!!

3)Hankyung-Chinese charm

May I ask what is the use of that fire background?? I guessed it was inspired from TWINS MV where he was in FIRREEE!! And the end of it, some martial arts movement with love love love~~ ahahaa~~ Kawaii desu~~

4)Yesung-Random guy

Why even start with RANDOM dance??? LMAO!! I remember him dancing like this in EHB cross SJ Parodies of Coffee Prince in Wonderful Outing. And....of course, that Jolokia moment is THE BEST to enhance Yesung's persona~~ XD


Hehe!! Smiling face of Kangin!! When he smile a little too wide, his eyes suddenly disappears and there is anime-like face formed. And yeah, our Kangin is the strongest in SJ ;) So the boxing things just suits him well


Our uniquely member, Shindong, was presented eating~ and since he is one of the four best dancers in SJ, that cute dance he made there really fits the man himself!! Ahhaha!!And the ending, he did that in the movie right?? ^^

7)~Sungminnie~ Danhobak!

That outfits, is soooo Attack on The Pin Up Boys. And, pink prince he is there. Why la, doing so many aegyeos there~~ he even JUMPS!!! Huhhuu, but I gotta admit, he is known as a cute member, and that is why I fell for him. I wish that the creator would enhance his namjaness a bit....

8)Eunhyuk-Monkey O.o

The DANCING KING IS ON!! XD And I like it that he used the outfits of Don't Don for this gif. But well, I hope that more happening dance moves was shown by his mini, so people would know that our Eunhyuk IS THE DANCE MACHINE!


I wouldn't know this is Donghae until the fish jumps at the background.....thank god that the gif appeared to dance, and wearing that headphones reminds me to his character in Attack on the Pin Up Boys.

10)Siwon-Signal guy

AHAHAHAH!!! THIS IS GOOD!! Him thinking and having thoughts, and suddenly claps his hands. And..THAT HAND SIGNS!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! EHB-based I see!! And I can't help but to laugh my heart out for this one!

11)Ryeowookie-Eternal Maknae

I love his character in Attack on The Pin Up Boys :3 And this one, heheheh~ the moment when Siwon tried to teach him flying the books, and suddenly failed. Hehehe~ though doesn't show his personality much, but it's memorable! XD

12)Kibum-Snow White (as Heenim called him)
What is this? I think this is purely based from the movie. He moves his mouth a lots, maybe he is trying to look genius? Aahhahah~ he does looks GORGEOUS with the school uniforms, and that specky. I know this is Kibum in one glance.

13)KyuBaby (Sorry, but I like this name :P)

Mini Kyuhyun is serenading, I was like...awww.....but suddenly he MOVES HIS HIPS ala Man In Love!!! XD Not to mention that it was added Don't Don's REMARKABLE DANCE MOVE!!!! LMAO!!!! WHO DID THIS ONE??? How come a cute gif can be made sexy like this??? LMAO!!! I can't stop laughing even for now when I see this gif. Definitely my fav gif!!

So, after looking at all of the gifs, what is your favorite? No, I don't ask you to change your favorite member, I just ask you which of these mini-cuties are your favorite? Here is my Top 5 list:-
1) Kyuhyun!!
2) Lee Teuk
3) Yesung
4) Siwon
5) Ryeowook

Ahahhaha~ I'll see what you're thinking in the chat box. Right now, I want to spend some time with my bed whom I have abandoned like two nights. Being home alone made me all frightened and I spend most of the times on the living room and even slept there!!! LOL!



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