Saturday, February 14, 2009

Me, SNSD and Pleadies

Incurable sweetness, So Nyuh Shi Dae

Since I have joined MY-SMTown and currently being active there, I was questioned on how much do I love SM artists.

I guess everybody knew that I love Super Junior first, SHINee second and DBSK third. The rest are there to love as well. But well, there goes my priority. I mean, my love is not that important, so don't bash me. This is how I love them. Go love them your own way, and than everybody should have enough love. Hahahahah~~ 

So, Pleadies had been bugging me about her new found love; the sweet girls, So Nyuh Shi Dae.  She knew that I love Hyoyeon and bugged asked me why don't I put her picture at my Heartkreuze's section? 

Let me tell you my secret affair with SNSD. 

Back when I was introduced with Hallyu wave, I learnt about SNSD 
as well. I read up about the Dream Concert incidents and well, I read it at ShenYuePop. I interacted with some antis about it and well, just got myself HATING them.

I joined the world's famous anti-SNSD, STAND. 

Yes peeps, I was their anti. My job as anti? Bashing of course. Using the anonymosity and bash them whenever they are. Be it on bloggie, You Tube blah blah blah, I've been there to bash them. Yes I did.

At the time SJ-H released their Yoriwang's MV, I was attracted to the girl in that 
MV. I thought; this girl is so damn cute!! I love her hair~~ Only to find out that she is actually SNSD's Sunny. Note that I can't hate Soo Young and Sunny for they are Sungmin's partner in Chunji. So,
 yeah.When was it that I suddenly watch one MV that I can't help loving it? I don't really remember. But I was SOOOO AWED on Hyoyeon's dancing ability!!! From her, I learn bits by bits about SNSD. In the eyes of loving fan, I even spent my time to learn Sone's POV of the Dream Concert's incident. 

I immediately fell in love with So Nyuh Shi Dae. I was in the mood of girl's power when I heard Girls Generation. And I was helplessly in love with Hyoyeon. You can name me as an anti---->fan. 

But my love for them couldn't be continued. I think that 
I just don't love them totally, to think that I don't even remember Yuri and Jessica's voice range, 
I am not fit to be Sone. Unlike me as VIP, Primadonna, Wonderful and all. 

So I decided, to be the one who loves them but not in the term of fangirling. I'm just another fan, whom if asked:"Do you love SNSD?" I would answer, "SNSD is a very nice girls group, I really want to see more of them,". No caps-locking like I did as a fangirl. 

And that is the reason, I don't put Hyoyeon's pic in Heartkreuze, though I was awed with her! I love girls who can dance, sings, and raps well or doing it separately.  I hope Sone wouldn't be mad at me. I'm just an ex-anti who turned over to be the one who will support SNSD.

Because I just love all SM artists :3 I even love I.T.T (I. The. Tritop).  

So, I think that is all. My explanation to you.

Fangirl who wish got more loves to give

P/S: @P-shii: How do you like it? Finally, one post of SNSD in my blog :P


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