Saturday, February 7, 2009

My POV on FT Island's Bad Woman

Seriously, I think Won Bin had been planning to leave for a long time before he decides to announce it. Because the new comer, is so comfortable in the new MV. And I dun want to discuss about him from the time being, I really need time to adjust with the new FT Island.

Okay, first when I heard the title, I was O.o After Noona Nomun Yeppeo, do I need to be a Bad Woman also??? Aigooo....the idea to adulterize teenagers....I dun really like it. And yeah, it is a sad song again. I need some bright, cheerful song dear FTI!!! I love you, but the emotions you've been pouring in got me all stirred in sadness sometimes. Though it helps me a lot to write angsty fics :P

When I watch the MV....Hongki baring a bit chest. And I goes like....PENING!! Because of the swirls and spins in the MV. Of course, tears are like here and there. So dramatic....I love the part the boys go teary in the eyes. I dunno? I love to see guys crying? It shows that their ego goes.....*thumbs down* Oh yeah, I like that~ *evil grins*

Jonghoon is forcing a kiss!! Namjaness!! But, not really...sorry. It's just that he force the girl to look at him. And I bet all of you went asdfkaj;hgkahd;ahg;hgkadhakjdsa;ldjlkj;khfg (keyboard-manic, trendsetted by Pretty Boy Power :3) when you see Jonghoon and the girl cheeks on cheeks, nose to nose. Man, he is a killer really.....

It's a dark MV. Plus, I dun favor much on Hongki's new hair. Mind you, I do think it looks good at some moments, maybe the camera angles are doing the tricks to make me goes BLEEHHH on his hair. And did I mention, I can't recognize Jaejin at first and I DO missed Min Hwan in the MV. I mean like, I goes...where are these kids???

Over all, I like the song but the repeatance of Nappun Yojaa.... Nappun annoying me. I really felt like a bad woman since I'm a noona and goes fangirling over younger boys when I heard that lines!! :P 

Check out Bad Woman MV:-

**Vidz credits to jaeurazn1mv@YT

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