Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sungmin Oppaaaa~~~ please don't!

Sungmin: "Was it a fan? Or was it an anti? Aiishh....this is so tiring..."
Pink Pumpkins:"Oppa~~ don't stop Cyworlding!! Fighting oppa!!"

In Lee Sungmin's recent entry of his Cyworld diary (11 February 2009), he mentioned about somebody had stolen his password and make a little trouble in his account. 

And the thing that scaring all Pink Pumpkins in the whole wide world is that, he stated about the possibility of 'not going to do this again'. Which appeals to all of his fans that, he might not Cyworlding anymore. 

Open letter to the hackers, password stealer or whatever you call yourself. I hope that you realised what you did was wrong, you even bugs Sungmin oppa and cause a little outrage among his fans. I don't know if you're a fan or an anti. But the bottomline is, think of other way to express your love or your hatred, but not hacking into his account. Think of other people hacking into your account. How do you feel about that?

I would not try to pull this, but since it's going to get serious (Sungmin oppa might not do his entry anymore), I would like to say, the other Pink Pumpkins are capable of doing the same thing to your system. It's not a threat, but if you continue bugging our beloved hwangja, face the consequences to get your system hacked just like you did to him. 

I hope you could stop doing it, no matter who you are. In the behalf of all Pink Pumpkins, I shall ask you for this. Thank you.

Pink Pumpkin (Malaysia)

P/S: *sigh* I hope the hacker would reach and read this open letter anyway..... T.T

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