Saturday, February 21, 2009

TIGHT BATTLE!! But what a heartwarming ending~

Congratulations Triple S!!

ELF, Cass and Sone
Kamsahamnida for the SMTown Love that you guys shown for SHINee World last night :D

Anyunghamshinika? (I love doing this, being reminded of Teukie's expression in Line Up)

Ahahaha~ yesterday, back in office, a SHINee World from SFI spammed MY-SMTown's chatbox (dun mind tho since our forum had SHINee followers also ^^) to vote for SHINee in Yahoo! Korea's poll. It was against SS501 and as SME's lover, I was like wooot! wooot! of course I'm going to do my bits. And yeah, hahahah~ I had to confess that during 3.00-5.00 P.M, I just voted and not working at all...... what a bad girl.... I think I've got to do extra work in Monday to punish myself.....

So, the funniest part is, though it's like kids' poll (KIDS' POLL!!! OHMYGEE!!! LMAO!!) and it was held for Korea's website, both Triple S and SHINee World who voted at that long hours are majority OUT OF KOREA!!! HAHAHHA!! Some just typed their comments in their own language, Viets, Thais, Chinese, Tagalogs, English and I spotted someone said 'Aku Cinta Padamu Lee Jinki' (I love you Lee Jinki) and 'Lee Jinki Kekasihku' (Lee Jinki is my lover). I can't help laughing! Seriously all of the fangirls are voting every 10secs and comment for every 30 secs. It was crazy, long hours of clicking, typing, clicking typing and a little bit of frowns and laughing. 

It was tight! Neck to neck battle. When one party tops, the other party would convince eachother they can catch up. Trying to widen the gap (there is an image, showing the gap of votes) everytime they tops off and the other would try to closen the gap. Triple S kept calling help from Hyun Joong's fans and SHINee World is like calling for SHINee's sunbaes like Cassies, ELF and SONE in the name of SMTown love. LOL! 

I felt like fangirls at that time was the coolest. Trying to cheer each other up. I am proud to say that both fangirls are like being very nice to each other. One moment, I saw a TS is like saying something bad about SHINee and the other TS are like scolding that one TS for doing that. As an ELF unni of SW (SJ is a sunbae to SHINee, so I was thinking ELF to SW is like sisters? LOL), I'm so proud of the respects that all of the TS are showing at that time. 

At the end, SS501 won respectively with the gap of 41770 votes with SHINee. TS are thanking SW for the good job and SW congratulates TS for the winning. I am so proud of all the fangirls at that hours!!! The sportmanship shown there had touched my heart. All of us are filled with love, trying to show the love to their fav artists, and of course we can understand each others feelings. The joyous of victory and the bitterness of losing. 

I would like to thank personally to all SHINee World who had been voting SHINee like mad and to Triple S who had been very nice to SHINee World towards the end of the poll. I wanna thank Cassies and Sone alike who had responded to my invitations and to all my fellow ELFs for the support of our dear SHINee World. Love all of you guys who had helped last night battle to be so interesting!! To the few Triple S who had been rude, you're forgiven. We understands the situation that made you typed things like that. After all, we're all fangirls. We're not bunch of antis, so this kind of things are common, made out of concsiousness. We still love you! XD

I would like to personally apologize to Soshified and SapphirePearls forum for spamming into your chatbox for the links. Thank you so much for those who had responded to my invitations.

It was heck of night. I learnt that fangirling is not a bad thing anyway.  It requires respect, passion, team spirits and...oh well, money. LOL! all new fangirls out there, try to behave! 

Guess I need to go digs the lost SJs and Sungmin's piccies now. I'm still craving for that huge collections back. Pooofff! Here I go!


p/s: Since when fangirling got SPORTSMANSHIP??? *ROFL again*  

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