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Petition for SJ 3rd Album Malaysia Version

SJ album will release two months later.
In order to attract the attention of SM Entertainment, Warner Music & the music community on the existence of Malaysia ELF & our great support to SJ, MYSJ together with other Malaysia ELF fans-sites are working on this mega project - 《Petition for SJ 3rd Album Malaysia Version》
Our target is to collect more than 500 petitions and if this petition shows great response, we will try our very best to propose to SM Entertainment & Warner Music to bring SJ to Malaysia for their album promo tour or showcase.

With our great honour, Saimon-san from 988 Radio Station who hosts “Saimon-san no Rakuen” program has agreed to join the lead and help us to publicize our petition via voice. So, please stay tuned to 988 this Sunday (15/02/2009) at 9pm for Saimon-san & his show. 

On the other hand, MYSJ Committee had already moving out to the public in order to get more participation for the petition. The team has started the outdoor campaign on 9th February 2009 at Berjaya Times Square, and the numbers of involvement from the public were amazing. MYSJ would solemnly appreciate and thank to all those who have helped in one way or another to make this petition a successful one! 

Due to the great response from the public, MYSJ will be organizing another outdoor-petition-collection. The information is as stated below:

-- K.Lumpur area: 2nd outdoor-petition-collection. 1pm on the 15th of February (Sunday) at Bukit Bintang area

--J.Bahru area12.30pm on the 14th (Saturday), 15th (Sunday) & 17th (Tuesday) of February at City Square.

We will be wearing blue colour MYSJ t-shirt.
We are looking forward to meet you there!

However, for those who are unable to drop by, kindly email your petition to before the 18th of February 2009. 
(All information disclosed is secured and highly confidential) 

Subject title: Petition for SJ 3rd Album Malaysia Version
Full name as in NRIC/passport:
NRIC number/passport number:
Contact number:

Your cooperation and support to the above is much appreciated and thank you in advance.

Credits to Y@nn and Karen from

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