Saturday, February 7, 2009

Updates About Me (and you can ignore me :P)

I even passed out on the couch.....So tiring...

Last week was being all tired of doing wedding stuffies. Man, I'm just a flower girl, but I was picking up lots of stuffs as if I am the flower boy. This is the disadvantage to have a strength like a guy for a girl~

Next, hectic work loads in the office.....ugh....

Though I can freely browse the net while doing works, actually I got some difficutlties to do so especially when the stacking files at my side was like.....well, I can't see my colleague who is positioning just at my right. That should be an enough image for you to imagine the piling files.

I've been doing the same jobs like.....5 weeks? Ahhh....and my eyes glued on monitor all day and all night. Must got my eyes sore so bad that when I came home, I head to sleep early. 8.oo to 6.00. My house chores are all due and not to mention my online job also TT.TT

I'm tired. Definitely....

These three days of short breaks, I would definitely gave myself a quick treatment so I would be back rejuvenated. 

And to all ELFs who stayed in JB, do contact me at  I'm joining the Mission S) as well as doing the Palestine charity. Two jobs in one, way to go!!! XD

Currently finishing up my fics. Aigoo....due already passed......

Home Alone (family went to Malacca and me left in JB to take driving lessons T.T)
Norfolk Pine

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